Friday, February 5, 2010

A Parable of O's and Fishes

I have been seeing more and more ways that the boys, Hank and Jack, whom I took care of as a nanny from September 13, 2004, a week after Kevin and I got married, until August 2, 2006 have been great little spiritual directors for me.
I often took them on walks in the neighborhood. I learned never to leave the house without one of two snacks: Cheerios or Goldfish crackers.
The boys got so used to me giving them a snack in the stroller, they would start tapping the cupholders as I put them in, as if to say: “Could you speed it up a bit? We’re starving here!” even if they’d finished eating a meal not five minutes before.
There were three cupholders in the blue Combi double stroller I picked out to use while caring for them. I’d always put a handful of Cheerios or Goldfish in each of the outside cups and leave the one in between them empty.
Almost immediately, JG would move most of his O’s or fish to the center cup. Then, Hank would eat what was in there as well as polish off his own ration.  As soon as JG shared what he was given and Hank gobbled it up, I replenished JG’s supply. He would again put it in the center cupholder, knowing full well that Hank would partake.  When the boys started throwing handfuls of their snack on the ground, I stopped refilling their cups.
God is much the same way with blessings He gives us. When we share, He refills our cup right away and often gives us even more than we had the first time. If we start wasting what He’s given us, then we aren’t given as much to be responsible for since we aren’t sharing what we were given the first time around.

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  1. Absolutely one of my favorite stories!


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