Monday, October 3, 2011

Kids, Crowbars, and Shot Glasses—Oh My!!

Some of you who know me and/or are familiar with posts from my former blog, my nanny diaryand the entertaining adventures I had taking care of “my little guys” when they were the founding members of the bare-piggy brigade and the toddler tag team may recall this unusual true story.
The first time I asked for one of the "top ten items your babysitter or nanny should never ask for or attempt to locate in your home," my husband Kevin was visiting me and the boys.  I called Hank’s dad and asked, “Do you have a crowbar?”
“What size do you need?” he asked.  His immediate response indicated ultimate trust in my nanny skills and in Kevin’s ability to fix cars.  
A week and a half ago I was taking care of an adorable little one named Sunshine over a couple of days.  The night before, when preparing to pitch a don’t-take-me-out-of the bath-I’m-having-too-much-fun fit (which her parents tell me is put on pretty much nightly) Sunshine slipped and hit her mouth on the side of the tub.  She cut her lip and chipped a significant part of her front tooth off in the process.  Her mom took her to the dentist the next morning and all is well, but The cutie pie’s mouth was super-sensitive, so drinking out of her usual sippy cup hurt.  She hadn’t quite gotten the hang of sucking liquid through a straw. 
Before her mom headed off to work I asked in what other circumstances should never come out of your babysitter or nanny’s mouth in direct correlation to items used while caring for your child: “Do you have a shot glass?” 
She put one out on the counter in case that was the only way I could get Sunshine to drink her milk. 
Time will tell what backwoods, shouldn’t-be-combined-with-childcare item I’ll ask for next. 
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