Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 20)

Computer Woes: These are going to be really quick since our computer’s crashed again, so I’m using my mom’s laptop at her place, and it’s been a long week so I’m ready to crash. 
Just Like Newlyweds: This evening a woman at church asked Kevin and I how long we’d been married.  She was surprised to hear that it had been seven years since we act so much like newlyweds.
Co-ed Baby  Shower: Tomorrow’s the day we’re joining together some of the main people in our friend’s life to throw her a baby shower.  Please pray that all goes well and that the mom and son will feel the Lord’s love and plans to give her hope and a future.
40 Days for Life: I’m very grateful that my mom has been such an amazing prayer warrior and strong supporter of respect life efforts of all different types.  If it weren’t for my mom’s openness and involvement in the pro-life movement and our dear brother’s decision to go and speak to two different prayer groups at our church about 40 Days for Life last spring, a friend of a friend wouldn’t have thought to get in touch with me when someone they knew became pregnant.    
Swagger Wagon: is the fun Youtube video I’ve been playing repeatedly this week.  I’m digging the family friendly raps. 
Seeyasoon!  The adorable 19 month old I’ve been taking care of has a super-cute habit of saying: see ya soon, bye-bye as two words.  She’ll pick up her purse, or mine, and head to the front door saying: “Seeyasoon, ba-bye.”  Too cute!    
Kenya Connection: I’m very excited that tomorrow we get to introduce some of our friends from Kenya who now live in Richmond to some other friends from Kenya who are in the country for four years of college.  It will be awesome to have so many amazing, strong men and women of faith under one roof.  To God be the glory, honor, and the praise! 
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