Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Rosary Wouldn't Mean As Much

Long before Kevin returned to the faith, I asked for a Rosary—I believe it was on my wish-list for my birthday. I was very surprised and touched when Kevin presented me with a pink Rosary. Even though he knew what it was, he didn’t know the significance of it as a spiritual aid for praying one of the most powerful groups of prayers in the world.
I was hopeful knowing he’d walked into a religious goods store and carefully selected a Rosary for me even if he still didn’t understand why I went to Mass at least once a week and prayed so often. He certainly didn’t know that I would use the very Rosary he gave me countless times over the years while praying for his conversion and return to the Catholic faith in which he was raised. I know it has been through Our Blessed Mother’s intercession that Kevin has not only returned to the Church, but has also become actively involved in a variety of ministries.
The other night after Kevin and I had both had a rough day, I asked him to pray with me in the Eucharist chapel at our church. He did. We sat praying silently for a few minutes before Kevin suggested we pray the Rosary together.
This was one of the few times, if not the very first time, Kevin’s been the one to suggest we pray the Rosary together. We’ve prayed it many times as a couple and in group, but I’m almost always the one to suggest it.
He pulled out the plastic Rosary he always keeps in his pocket and I dug my pouch out of my purse, got from it the Rosary box, a gift from my Mom with the Madonna and Infant Jesus on the front, and pulled out the pink Rosary Kevin had given me years before. I felt grateful he’s come so far in his spiritual journey.
We had one slight problem; my Rosary had somehow gotten tangled and knotted in the past 24-48 hours since I’d last used it and put it back in the box. I tried without success to undo the knots for a few minutes. Kevin pointed to the plastic Rosary someone had left in the book holder in front of my seat and suggested I just use that one instead, but I shook my head and kept working. Then he offered to help, and I shook my head again determined to get the knots out myself.
I obviously needed more of a lesson in humility, because I could not for the life of me get those stupid knots out. I had to laugh. I was already feeling really stressed out and had come in the chapel to calm down and pray, and now my Rosary was knotted. I mean really!
I finally handed the tangled beads over to Kevin to work on. He struggled for a few more minutes with it before suggesting for a third time that I just use the brown plastic one directly in front of me, but I really wanted to use the one from him, so God love him (and He does), he kept at it and eventually got it untangled and unknotted.
I linked my arm through his and scooted a little closer to him, and we finally prayed the Rosary. Later I realized the irony of God granting a prayer request I’d prayed for years ago in the midst of current trying times filled with new urgent prayer requests.
Lord, thank You for answering our prayers in the ways and in the time You know are best. Your thoughts are definitely not tangled, knotted, and twisted as ours can be at times. Please help us turn to You, be still, and really listen. Amen.

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  1. thank you for being who you are and posting these blogs.. and thank your hubby KP for being the witness that he is to me.. peace and love
    handsome joe


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