Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Back to Blogging Before I Forget How

I took this photo during one of the rare times it wasn't pouring
rain while we were in Covington, Louisiana.
I've not ceased writing or taking photos though I have been spending significantly less time on the computer in recent months.  I got behind on pretty much everything when preparing for, having, and recovering from a major surgery: keeping in touch with family and friends, writing thank you notes, returning e-mails, responding to text messages, reading voraciously, writing book reviews, editing manuscripts, creating graphics, taking photos, posting online...

This was my first general update for family and friends post-surgery once we returned home: My recovery is going well, especially considering how extensive and long my surgery ended up taking. I have been sleeping and resting often since surgery and our return to Richmond last Saturday evening. I haven't felt up to doing much.  Some days I haven't felt like turning on the computer at all, so I haven't.  So far the only times I have gone out anywhere this week have been for two doctors' appointments.  

A great deal has happened since that first week home, but I feel I should at least recap for readers some of the big things that have gone on in our lives starting back in December.  The next couple of posts include a diary of my out-of-state surgery and a list of Top 10 Signs It Won't Be a Fun Trip.  I feel these updates, though long in coming, are still relevant and explain my prolonged absence from the blogosphere (and various other aspects of life).

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all readers and prayer warriors who have been so incredibly patient with me as I get back into the cyber-swing of things.
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