Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another Beautiful Baab Baptism

This past Saturday morning, we celebrated seven babies being Baptized.  I’ve been looking forward to this for months!  The silly sisters are now a foursome.  

A little more than two weeks after her rather quick birth, Daphne was Baptized by her uncle (Deacon) John in a beautiful ceremony that was much bigger than I’d envisioned.  Deacon Andy Ferguson led the service and John assisted. 

It was wonderful to see so many family members and friends gathered for the blessed occasion. We didn't get a chance to take all that many photos, afterwards, since Daphne was hungry, but I managed to get a few cute ones.

Our celebration continued at a nearby pizza place called Vinny's.  The food was delicious, and Daphne was fine with all of us taking turns to hold her.  She's so tiny!

Jeff, Carl, Jess, Laura, and John are the adults. Daphne,
Livie, Vivi, and Sophie are the kids.
It brought back fond memories of when the twins were Baptized, and Kevin and I were asked to be their Godparents.  We share that responsibility with two of Carl's siblings: Amy and Luke.

Their father Carl told us this past Saturday that if you become a Godparent to one of their children, then you’re eligible to become one to a child of equal or lesser value in the future for the cost of a penny.  Yes, he’s quite a character!

Our good friends Laura and Jeff Stapleton are the Godparents to the latest Baab girl.  Laura and I attempted to recreate the photo taken when the twins were Baptized, but it didn't turn out quite as we'd hoped.  As you can imagine, five-year-olds aren't typically into cooperating for photos any more than newborns are. 

Laura and I holding the twins on the day of their Baptism:
August 19, 2012.

Laura and I with the twins after Daphne's Baptism:
September 16, 2017.
Lord, thank you for the blessing of Daphne and all of the children who were  Baptized last Saturday.  Please help those of us who love and care about them to be good role models of the Catholic faith, so that throughout their lives they are led closer to Christ.  Amen.
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