Friday, May 26, 2017

Mended by Matthew West: When You See Broken Beyond Repair, God Sees Healing Beyond Belief

The graphic I created above using an original photo I took of the sunset over Lake Ontario paired with some of the lyrics from
the very popular and poignant Matthew West song entitled "Mended."

For a while I have been listening to a local Christian radio station I really like.  Your PER (Positive Encouraging Radio) can be streamed over the internet or downloaded as an app.  I've heard a lot of great music I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise.  As has been my habit for many years, I like to listen to inspiring music that draws me closer to the Lord.  I like singing along with songs that double as heartfelt prayers.

While I was recovering from one procedure, then before and after the major surgery I had in December, I found myself listening to the Christian radio station even on days when I felt too tired, worn-out, weak, was in too much pain, or too depressed to devote much time to prayer.  Just hearing the words to the songs, even if I struggled to trust in God's plan at that time, gave me a little sliver of hope on dark days.

One of the songs I felt became a theme song for me during that time is "Mended" by Matthew West.

In an interview with Matthew West you can check out here, he shares a moving story. I'm incredibly inspired that he sought out other people's stories, and reached out to a woman who had been abused by her parents her whole life and then ended up a victim of human trafficking.  A ministry rescued Kathy, but she still felt so broken.

Matthew West went to visit her in person to sing her hymns.  He wrote "Mended" for and about her. He had a plaque made for her with the lyrics handwritten on it, but when they tried to find her, again, to give it to her, they couldn't locate her.  West keeps the plaque in his music room as a reminder that we're all broken, works in progress, and in need of prayer and healing only God can bring about.

There were days when I couldn't make it through listening to that song or similar ones that struck too close to home without tears streaming down my face.  A few times, I was in the car when it came on, and I would cry all the way home.

When we are suffering in body, mind, and/or spirit, it can feel like we are too broken for anyone to fix, even God, but that simply isn't true.  I clung to the hope that God can always look at me (and you) and see the healing He plans to bring about in and through the challenging circumstances that seem so very overwhelming.  

I encourage you to listen to the song and watch the interview.  Maybe you are struggling just to make it through the day, or perhaps you're on the other side of a difficult period in life, but you know of someone who seems stuck.  Please pray for those who are suffering, and if/when you are able, reach out to them with a note, a text, a phone call, an e-mail, or a visit.  If you're the one who is struggling, then tell someone you trust.

In God's eyes, you are not worthless, useless, or too far gone.  You are loved, lovable, and have infinite value in time and eternity.

I realize someone else saying those words doesn't have the same effect as knowing that Truth from God, so I invite you to pray that God will show you how He sees you and that you then have the courage to be still and listen to Him.  Eventually, He will reveal the Truth about you.  It may not happen right away or in the way that you expect, but I assure you it will happen.

After all, when you see wounded, God sees mended.
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