Sunday, October 10, 2010

One in Ten Returned to Say Thanks

     In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 17:11-19, Jesus heals ten lepers who ask Him to have pity on them. Only one of the ten people who were healed returned to glorify God and thank Jesus. Would I have been in the group that was healed and just kept right on going? Would you?
     Anyone who knows me well can attest to my familiarity with and insistence upon following the rules. This is why I’m not certain what I would have done in these particular circumstances. Jesus had told the lepers to go show themselves to the priests. It was on the way to doing what they were told that they were healed. The one who leaves the group on the way to show themselves to the priests chooses to return to Christ, thank Him and praise God for the healing.
Jesus tells this man that his faith has saved him. Faith strong enough to turn his back on what the crowd was doing, and even postpone what Jesus had instructed, because something miraculous had happened on the way that deserved thanks and praise immediately.          
     You’ve just been given a tremendous blessing. What are you going to do about it? I would: A.) call and tell my spouse, BFF, and the rest of my family. B.) post an all-in-caps status update about it on Facebook. C.) praise God up, down, and sideways, then thank Jesus. D.) do C, A, and B in that order, then go back to doing more of C again.
     Though I’m guilty of notifying my nearest and dearest about a tremendous blessing before thanking the Source of all blessings, I do sometimes select D, and have my priorities straight.
     Lord, please help us be better about glorifying, praising, and thanking You on the spot for the blessings we receive and the miracles we witness. Amen.
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