Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ain't No Party Like a Catholic Party...

      Kevin and I had a lot of fun at the annual Cursillo Epiphany party held at St. Edward’s Saturday January 8, 2011. As I said in my Ultreya talk a couple years ago, getting together with our Cursillo friends is like coming together for a family reunion, except perhaps for the fancy nametags. We had the chance to catch up with many people who we consider family. We prayed together, ate together, danced, sang, laughed, talked, and cleaned up together.

     There were delicious barbecue, many homemade side dishes and scrumptious desserts. The DJ played music we could dance to, besides the Elvis songs played in honor of his birthday. Laura, my friend since middle school and babe chick since last summer, and I had fun dancing to the swing, the electric slide, and some good old rock’n’roll.
     KJ Fusion DJ and Karoake, who were DJs for the party, gave us a chance to sing some karaoke. I had to laugh when Ellen and Jeannine came up to join Candy and I in singing and dancing to “Stop in the name of Love” by The Supremes. Watch out for the spiritual divas!
     Everyone was grateful to see a few of the Cursillistas in attendance for whom we’ve been saying extra prayers as they went through surgery and began the process of recovery.
    Victor and Cathy, who are the current co-chairs of the Central Virginia Cursillo Committee (CVCC) summarized this sentiment of how we are family in a recent blurb in our local newsletter the Rooster Review: "We take time out of our busy schedule to prepare meals for those who are sick or recovering from surgery. We share our hard earnings with those who find themselves in need of some financial support. We reach out to those who are in need of some emotional and spiritual support. We set aside time to pray for each other and celebrate our triumphs.

     We offer our love by using our talents and time to support teams and candidates through our palancas. Family will set their own needs aside to show God’s love to another and that is why our Cursillo community is F.A.M.I.L.Y.
Forget About Me I Love You

Remember, Christ is counting on us and we’re counting on Christ."
God bless you and De Colores,
Victor & Cathy Co-chairs of the CVCC
“Being Catholic is not a spectator sport"

     Again, the warmth of being surrounded by loved ones for a family reunion filled the air. Roosters and cluck hens mingled with babe chicks and their families, strengthening old bonds and creating new ones. De Colores indeed!
     For more information about Cursillo Weekend's around the U.S. and around the world, check out
    The next Cursillo weekends in the Central Virginia area are being held at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey.  The next Men's Weekend is March 3-6, 2011, and the next Women's weekend is May 19-22, 2011.
     If you're ready to grow spiritually, meet some other amazing Catholics dedicated to developing their faith and increasing their intimacy with the Lord, then it may be time for you to make a Cursillo, a short course in Christianity. 
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