Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Truth for Your Mind Love for Your Heart: Satisfying Your Hunger for God by Alfred McBride, O.Praem.

Truth for Your Mind Love for Your Heart: Satisfying Your Hunger for God by Alfred McBride, O.Praem. is a masterful blend of Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), with popular devotions, inspiring stalwarts of the faith, and prayers. As he did in the other book of his I read most recently, A Priest Forever: Nine Signs of Renewal and Hope, this well-respected author brings to light some stirring examples of holiness and devotion to the Lord.
Ever since the Catechism of the Catholic Church first came out in 1994, Fr. McBride has been writing about it. His expertise appears clearly in the carefully woven passages quoted and referenced from this tome of the faith into his summation of the many aspects of Catholicism that set us apart from other Christian denominations.
I like how he brings together a number of holy men and women I’ve read about in previous years and shows how they lived out the Truths present in Scripture and the CCC. Each chapter is relatively short, concentrating on one key principle that’s essential in the rich Catholic tradition. A set of reflection questions and a prayer come at the end of each chapter.
This smattering of saints, Church doctrine, and common devotion will likely remind you of some of the most famous Catholics from history while introducing you to others who’ve lived more recently and a handful who are still alive today striving to live out the Gospel.
Fr. McBride has put together in an interesting, easy-to-read, informative book several of the main strengths of the Catholic faith and illustrated these teachings and principles through a variety of sources, saints, encyclical letters from various popes, and his own insights into the Catechism.
I highly recommend this book for those just learning about the faith as well as for those who have been practicing it for a while and could benefit from a refresher on how amazing and profound the Catholic faith is.
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  1. I jut read and reviewed this book, and I thought it was a great refresher. I love your blog, I'm a new follower.


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