Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The House You're Building

     I’ve been playing and singing along with The House You’re Building by Audrey Assad practically non-stop when I've been in the car since our favorite brother in Christ introduced me to the album and artist a couple weeks ago.  For a number of years, I’ve found that I’m deeply moved by music that is well-written, contains a Christian message, and is beautifully performed.  Assad’s first album which debuted last summer fits all three of those qualities which describe most of my favorite music. 
    This singer/songwriter combines contemplative lyrics with magnificent melodies to produce songs that will make you think, sing aloud, and thereby pray twice to the Lord.  Assad’s Pop/Contemporary style and voice are appealing to me because both seem to carry with them a depth reminiscent of
those who have actually tried to live out the Christian virtues, sometimes successfully, other times not, but with a commitment that is steadfast. 
     For me, one of the marks of a masterfully done musical endeavor is that I find the lyrics popping into my mind during my personal prayer time, in Church, during Mass, and elsewhere.  I know a song has resonated deeply with me when the words become part of my prayers because they fit so perfectly with what I’m experiencing and feeling in relation to God and those He’s placed in my life to love, learn from, and serve.  This has happened a number of times with the songs from The House You’re Building. 
     Many of the songs include blends of different quotes from Scripture.  Others remind me of the Biblical values espoused by certain saints.  For example, whenever I hear, “Restless,” I always think of Saint Augustine who was clear that until we are in full communion with and therefore resting in the Lord, we will be restless. 
     “Everything is Yours” is definitely one song that has stuck with me and been a good reminder for me.  If everything is Yours, I’m letting it go…It was never mine to hold” are the lyrics that replay in my mind when I find myself holding too tightly to a person or situation that clearly belongs to the Lord (in short, everyone and every one).    
     I highly recommend The House You’re Building by Audrey Assad.  To listen to some song samples or purchase your own copy, click here. 

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