Saturday, July 2, 2011

Abbott's: A Blast from the Past That’s MmmMmm…Good!

Our family has certain traditions when we come to Rochester.  Some of the most significant ones involve food.  In all of the places we’ve lived, we’ve never found a grocery store quite like the local, family owned Wegman’s.  People actually come here from around the world to see how their stores are set-up and run.  Our favorite items to buy when we’re in town are their chocolate chip cookies, coconut donuts, bulk foods, and Dinosaur BBQ sauce. 
Don’s Original, formerly known as Don and Bob’s, is one burger joint we go to at least once during our trips here, at least any that have been with my mom.  Last night I was talking with her, and she asked me if we’d been to Don and Bob’s yet.  I told her we hadn’t gone there or gotten chocolate almond custard from Abbott’s. 
“I don’t understand,” she said, in all honesty.
I just laughed. 

My mom has been known on occasion to drive directly to Wegman’s, Don and Bob’s, or Abbott’s as soon as we get into town, so, of course, she’d find it hard to believe that we hadn’t gone to all of those hotspots in the past week.  Actually, we did go to Wegman’s in the first couple days we were here.  Today we had lunch at Don and Bob’s and this afternoon we’re planning on having custard from Abbott’s. 
Though I have many fond memories over the years that involve Abbott’s, the most loving one the comes to mind was when my cousin Cathy, who lives in California, ordered some Abbott’s and had it shipped to my dad when he was homebound.  He was so excited to get a taste of Rochester from such a thoughtful niece
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