Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 24)

— 1 —

Not Quite The Camino, but Definitely the Longest Possible Route! Kevin and I had to laugh at our silly sequence of events that morning. We’re doing the Five First Saturdays devotion, and I didn’t have the pamphlet with me that has all of the requirements in it. I joked with Kevin about the possibility of receiving an extra blessing for doing a pilgrimage on the way to Mass on the first Saturday of the month. We certainly took the longest possible route. If we’d just stayed where we were, we would have been early!
     Lord, thank You for opening my heart and Kevin’s so that we are drawn to praise You through the sacrifice of daily Mass, no matter how long it takes us to get there. Amen.

— 2 —

Picture this!  My mom called me on Sunday evening to come over to Planned Parenthood to take pictures of the 40 Days for Life Closing.  I grabbed our camera and headed over.  I saw many people I recognized gathered across the street from where I parked.  My mom and several prayer warriors who have been involved in the campaign for many hours and many years were standing on the sidewalk with candles and flowers.  I was the most surprised to see Kay Marie Geiger, who I hadn’t seen since her husband Joe Geiger’s funeral the week before.  Talk about dedication!  I’d considered taking pictures then, politely slipping out, as it had been a long, busy weekend, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave since Kay Marie was there.

The 40 Days for Life Closing prayer at the vigil was beautiful, complete with candles, roses, and music!  Thanks Valerie and Chris for putting everything together.  Dinner at Baker’s Crust afterwards was scrumptious and spiritually edifying.  What an amazing group of people God has brought together to respect and protect the sanctity and dignity of human life from the moment of conception!   

— 3 —

40 Days for Life Breakthrough: Join us for the LIVE teleconference and web simulcast Monday, November 14, 2011 at 9:00pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)

During this one-time-only phone and web event, you will join with thousands of others to learn:

* The stunning results of this fall's 40 Days for Life ... which point to even BIGGER victories in 2012
* The breaking news that's about to expose Planned Parenthood's dirty little secret ... this shocking
story has never been publicly revealed -- UNTIL NOW!
* Why these next 12 months are crucially important ... and how our pro-life movement is positioned to
achieve massive, life-saving success on many fronts
* The innovative strategic plans -- four years in the making -- about to be unleashed to help mobilize more people, change more hearts and minds ... and save more lives than ever before
* How YOU can help make a profound impact on ending abortion ... right where you live!
This is the great news you've been waiting for, and it's absolutely free to attend -- however, the limited spaces for the event are filling up fast REGISTER NOW at:

— 4 —

Heaven is for Real  Last week, I’d finished reading this awesome book, but I hadn’t yet written the review.  I said to check back for the full assessment of Heaven is for Real later.  Here it is!

— 5 —

The Red Mass In many ways, Bishop DiLorenzo’s sermon at the Red Mass held at St. Benedict Church Thursday evening was a state of the union address for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.  In case you’re wondering, though there are many issues to be addressed that may seem overwhelming at times, our bishops, priests, deacons, religious, married, singles…are in the trenches, hard at work fighting against the culture of death, and the many ways it manifests itself. 

— 6 —

The Human Concerns Core Team I can’t think of a better follow-up activity to the Red Mass than going to biannual Human Concerns Core Team meeting at St. Michael the Archangel parish.  A roomful of men and women who are passionate about their ministries joined together to discuss how their outreach has been Christ to others through action, reflection, and transformation. 

— 7 —

Prayers for a Safe, Joyful, Enriching Pilgrimage Lord, please bless those who are leaving tomorrow for their pilgrimage to Italy.  Keep them safe from harm, illness, and injury.  Enkindle in them the fire of Your love, especially as it is manifested through the gift of the Mass and the Eucharist.  Open the hearts of Your faithful, refresh their spirits, and strengthen them in their dedication to putting You first and foremost in their lives.  Amen. 
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