Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 28)


Better than Seeing Santa! These holiday shoppers know how to bring the beauty and awe of the season back into focus.  They stopped many people in their tracks with their gift.  I think it would be really fun to do one of these.  Let me know if you’re putting one together nearby, I’d love to join in for the seemingly spontaneous opportunity!


Barbies and Superheroes  I was touched and amused reading this article “Just a Dad Playing Hero” by Matthew Archbold.  It's wonderful the things that parents will do to entertain and play with their children.  Of course this includes playing Barbies, superheroes, and such.  Actually, I don't think my dad ever played Barbies with us.  He much preferred to take us to the playground, read us books, or build blocks to helping us wrestle ridiculous outfits onto disproportionate plastic figures.  Without a sense of humor, playfulness, flexibility, imagination, and willingness to go with the flow, taking care of children wouldn't be nearly as much fun!    


 Give Me a Beat!  This is a neat commercial.  I’d like a stethoscope like this one.  It’d be the most unusual looking mp3 player ever, but so what.   


Excellent Advent Advice Reflection Series
Part I: Stay Awake  The Scripture readings lately have often mentioned the importance of being alert, staying awake, being ready.  I find this rather ironic considering that this is often the time of year when people run themselves ragged doing things that they feel are part of getting ready for Christmas…

Part II: Seek Him Who Seeks YouSo often, we think of it being our responsibility to seek the Lord, spend time learning about Jesus Christ, and communing with the Holy Trinity in prayer.  When we consider that we are so loved and precious to the Lord that He seeks us out, draws us closer to Him, and creates opportunities for us to know Him better, it’s reassuring…

Part III: Hold on to HopeI’m still utterly amazed that she made it through such a difficult period while hiding some very painful secrets by holding on to a pinpoint of light and hope.  Her story is further proof God never gives up on us or stops seeking to have a relationship with us that allows us to walk in the Truth…

Part IV: Celebrate the SeasonThe house was so warm and inviting.  Christmas music was playing.  I could smell the soup cooking in the kitchen.  Each time the door opened, another one of our CRHP sisters entered and made her rounds to greet everyone with smiles and hugs…


The Most Awesome Advent Sermon Series I highly recommend listening to these very poignant, expertly delivered, often funny, always thought-provoking sermons given by Fr. Michael Renninger.  Each sermon in the Advent series he does is usually between 8-10 minutes of reflection on the Scripture readings for that day.  If you want to rev up your Advent and revisit the true meaning of Christ’s coming, check out this Advent sermon series!


I’m Not Worthy to Have You Enter Under My Roof Hearing this Gospel story in light of this being part of our new response in the Eucharistic prayers has helped remind me of the importance of humility as well as confidence in God.  Years ago, a friend from my Cursillo group reunion sent me a card that had the Scripture passage on it where the friends of a man who is sick remove the roof tiles of a house where Jesus is healing people, so they can lower him down that he might be healed.  I can never express adequate gratitude to those who have done whatever it took to bring me to Christ when suffering seemed like it would overtake me.  Thanks to all of my family and friends for your love and prayers, encouragement and hope!


My Sister’s Coming Home for the Holidays! If all is going as planned, then Theresa is at present on her way home over the river and through the woods.  My mom flew up to OH to help her drive back down here for the break.  I’m looking forward to seeing her and giving her hugs and kisses.  Taking care of Vivi has reminded me of how absolutely precious Theresa was at the same age.  Love you, Miss Reesa Lynn!

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