Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 31)

Oooooh Christmas Tree! This year my mom did not have good luck with live trees, which our family has always gotten in previous years.  Her allergies acted up, so we ended up with an artificial tree by the time all was said and done.  (Tree #2 is currently in my mom's front yard if anyone's interested.)  The white lights came on the artificial tree and the colored ones are our traditional ones to use.  I hassled my mom, saying that she was going a bit far claiming to be allergic to two different trees, so she could get an artificial one and put all of the decorations on herself.  (When we were little, my dad was really particular about where decorations went on the tree, how far about they should be, etc.) 

Feast of the Holy Innocents I'm grateful for this informative post and the thought-provoking video included along with it.  We must definitely continue praying that fear and the temptation to view others as less than we are will dissolve when encountered with love and Truth.    
Feast of the Holy Family  This evening, we went to Mass at St. Benedict’s which was nice, though the Latin singing and prayer responses seem a little more challenging after a long day with not quite enough sleep.  There was a Baptism as well.  We welcomed a baby named Claire Patricia into the faith.     
Taking the Plunge This morning Kevin and I were up at 3:00am due to gastrointestinal issues (mine) and subsequent toilet trauma (ours).  You know that you’re sticking in there through the “for better or worse” part of the marriage vows when you pull up in the Lowe’s parking lot before they open at 6am so you can both use their bathroom and purchase an auger to fix your toilet at home.    

Peace out! My sister Theresa packed up her SUV and headed back up to Ohio today.  I’m interested to hear how the trip was since 1.) I’m not positive she got her cell phone and horrible service switched 2.) I don’t know how well her new GPS works 3.) She’s making the car trip without my mom for the first time, and 4.) they don’t have AAA in case of emergency.  I know she had her iPod cranked and a friend to visit with on the ride up, so even if they got terribly lost and broke down, at least they’d still be entertained.
Still devouring books!  Don’t worry, I’m still devouring books and have some great ones to recommend.  I just haven’t written the reviews for the most recent ones I’ve read, yet, so I’ll wait to tell you more once I’ve done that.   
Best gift from 2011!  My husband was inspired to start going to daily Mass with me at the beginning of last Lent, and he hasn’t stopped.  He even came with me when we were on vacation this summer!This is truly the best gift of the year to me, the gift that is most dear to me, one that I never thought would happen, and pure proof that nothing is impossible with God!

 Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! 

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