Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moved by Faith: Stories from American Catholic Radio by Judy Zarick

Moved by Faith is a remarkable collection of stories from the American Catholic Radio show about how a number of different Catholics have turned the gifts and challenges God gave them into ministries that have blessed many others.  Each of the stories is about two to four pages in length and there is an update at the end as to how the person and their ministry have progressed since the program for which they were interviewed first aired. 
The modern day Christians included in Moved by Faith cover the spectrum when it comes to careers, their home base, and the ministries they were inspired to start once personal experiences and the Holy Spirit opened their eyes, minds, and hearts to some very specific needs.
These individuals allowed the Lord to touch their hearts through everyday incidents to open them up to serve in a way they might not have considered otherwise.  Whether they’ve developed a new ministry devoted to: feeding the hungry, giving clean water to the thirsty, clothing the naked, welcoming the stranger, educating children, visiting the imprisoned, caring for the afflicted, the addicted, and/or the abandoned, these men and women have accepted the call to love and serve others as if each one of them was Christ Himself.
I’d heard a few of these stories from friends and read a couple in other books before reading Moved by Faith, but the majority of them were new to me.  Some had me in tears.  These stories, every one of them, are great reminders of how humbling and miraculous it is when we slow down enough to look at the suffering happening around us, accept God’s grace, and put our faith into action.  There are a set of “Questions for Thought” at the end of each chapter that correspond to each one of the stories and provide great reflection for readers to figure out what they can do to help others.
This would be a phenomenal book to read and discuss as a group.  I’m sure it will help people find organizations that already do something about which they are passionate that they could plug into as well as spark some other creative ways to be Christ for others.
I highly recommend Moved by Faith!  Get ready to be inspired and take action! 
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