Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 60)


Fed by Faith is the theme of the Men’s Cursillo weekend currently in progress in Petersburg.  I hope you will join me in praying for the participants as they grow closer to the Lord.  Read my reflection on this theme here, which was written in honor of the Men's Cursillo weekend taking place July 26-29, 2012, originally appeared in the June 2012 issue of The Rooster Review.


The People You Meet at the Library This past Monday evening, a number of women I know from being involved with Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) met for a potluck supper and a book discussion of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, a bestselling novel by Mitch Albom.  The evenings activities were held in the community room at Glen Allen Library.  We had time to catch up, shared a meal together, prayed, and then engaged in a very interesting discussion facilitated by Fr. Dan Brady, the pastor at our parish. 


Funniest Olympics Bit by Seinfeld Kevin and I absolutely love this bit, and I believe you will enjoy it as well:


You’ve Got Mail!  It’s been a lot of fun to receive actual mail from our best friend John while he’s been traveling in Europe.  Last week we got a postcard he sent from Poland, and this week we got the letter he sent from Lisieux.  He’s kept us in the loop via e-mail, but it’s always nice to receive actual, open up the envelope mail.        

Our Lady of Lourdes has been on my mind a lot this week.  John is currently in Lourdes, France and sending us updates about and pictures from his trip.  I had quite an adventure when I went Lourdes, one of the few pilgrimages I took when I was studying abroad in Paris my junior year of college.  That story is a post in and of itself, though.  Perhaps a few of them.  And it will definitely be part of the memoir.  Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.


Babes in Toyland This was my first Monday, Wednesday, and Friday taking care of Vivi (nearly 2 and ½), Livi and Sophie (her nine week old twin sisters) by myself.  Overall it went well.  Of course it was hectic at times, particularly when the domino meltdown effect would consume all three of them at intervals, but we’re all adjusting pretty well I think. 
     I felt bad for Vivi today.  This morning it finally hit her that she is going to have to share me with her sisters and that things are going to be a bit different because of that.  She went to the  front door this morning and told me she wanted to “ride in Trisha’s car in special seat” and “go to the playground” which we did quite regularly when the as she put it, her mom had "babies in pants."    When I offered to take her out to her playset in the backyard, she had a full-out, knockdown, drag-out meltdown and refused to even go outside (usually the dispute comes when it's time to go inside). 
     I have been giving her extra hugs and kisses and have been doing things one-on-one to engage her when the twins are fed, changed, sleeping or at least content, but I know it will still take some adjusting to after having me to herself.  As a firstborn myself, my heart goes out to her. 

In my “free-time” In addition to nannying for the Baab girls Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Kevin and I had commitments and other ministry things to do pretty much every night this week as well as this Saturday and Sunday. 
     When people ask me what I do when I’m not working at school or nannying, I’m not quite sure what to tell them.  I spend a good chunk of time doing ministry-related things that fall under an assortment of categories, writing certainly being one of the main ones, but not the only one. 
     Some tasks under the writing ministry heading are: Catholic/Christian book reviews, faith-based blog posts, letters, cards, and e-mails. I also edit/review/revise applications, essays, talks, presentations, etc. sent to me by family, friends, and others who have heard about my tendency to be thorough, honest, and willing to coach those who want to turn something in that’s been corrected and polished. 

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