Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 68)

A new kind of drinking problem? Refusal to hit the bottle.  Apparently a certain little cutie has had a couple bottle boycott days this week, when her mom had to be called in at lunch time to feed her directly from the source.  When notified of this potential problem when I arrived at work in the morning the day after the bottle strike days, it dawned on me that I have close to 24 years experience of feeding infants their bottles.  I believe I started when I was in second grade, and the babysitter we went to had an baby boy who I'd get up, dress, and feed in the morning, because I loved babies and children already.  Fortunately, sweetpea decided to suspend the boycott when I was around.    

Cause that’s how we roll! So the twins are becoming increasingly more mobile.  One of them is already rolling far and fast enough that she’s hitting her head on things and getting caught under stuff.  This week, she made it her personal goal to attack the old-fashioned toy rotary phone with all her might.  Her twin seemed content simply to be out of range when her sister came creeping, almost crawling and rolling by. 


Woohoo for Watercolors The big sister has enjoyed dabbling in watercolors this week.  I tried to explain and demonstrate the concept of dipping the paintbrush in water before getting another color, but I realized too late that I should have done the demo before putting water in the cup instead of after.  Ah well, it’s important for artists to understand what happens when you mix different colors, too, so before long we had some lovely brown, black, and drab green mixtures working for us.   

Strange Goings-on Apparently, the puppy dog named Violet has needed to cool down this week.  Big sister put her purple plush toy into her Dora the Explorer kitchen set on the refrigerator side.  She’d close the door, ask me where Violet was, then tell me she was in the fridge.  When I informed her mother that I had no idea what Violet had done to deserve such treatment, she said: “I guess she was hot.  If she gets to cold, we’ll put her in the oven.” Further evidence her mother and I are kindred spirits when it comes to appreciating the nuances of kids.   


Ever felt like giving up? Here’s one of many reasons why you shouldn’t.


 A “fall-ish” pie Dear friends of ours, Laura and Jeff, had us over for dinner Thursday evening and asked us to bring salad greens and a “fall-ish” pie.  My husband thought he’d gotten the last pumpkin pie in the store.  We discovered that he’d made a delicious mistake by the time we reached dessert.  Our hostess who is quite the Susie Homemaker (cook, baker, decorator, seamstress…) had suspected something wasn’t right since they pie didn’t look deep enough or seem to be the right consistency.  The four of us agreed it was by far the tastiest mistake my husband made all day.  It turned out to be Lemongrass pie.  Kevin joked that it had been a rough year for crops, implying that’s why the pumpkin pie had tasted so unusual.    


Lord of the Dance I pray that You will draw my loved one who is having foot surgery next Tuesday afternoon ever nearer to You, that the procedure may go smoothly, the healing quickly, and the recovery be complete.  Perfect Physician, Wonderful Counselor, Holy Comforter, please open our hearts and minds to the healing You know we all need most.    

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