Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where There Is Love, There Is God

Where There Is Love, There Is God incorporates the essentials of faith in action, particularly for those serving the poor, sick, orphaned or dying.  This would be a good book for someone just learning about Blessed Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.  It is likely if you’ve read several other books by and/or about Mother Teresa, you will recognize many of the stories and quotes.  That doesn’t make them any less amazing, of course, but less shocking than the first time hearing or reading about them. 
Many of the stories, phrases, and philosophies Blessed Mother Teresa lived and spoke about are repeated numerous times throughout Where There Is Love, There Is God.  More than once, I flipped a few pages back to see part of the same quote I had just read a little farther ahead.  Normally this much repetition of the same quotes and stories with only a little variation or different subject heading would frustrate the copy editor in me, but for some reason, in this book, the effect was a powerful one. 
The meaning of the words really sank in, the lessons of love, importance of growing in holiness, of reaching out to those in need, and seeking God’s will above all else kept lapping at the shore of my heart and soul—eroding any of the familiarity I have with Blessed Mother Teresa’s life, legacy, and ministry, that might make me glaze over things I’ve read or heard elsewhere. 
I really enjoyed the quotes that music missionary, Danielle Rose, has put to music.  Those resonate deeply with me as I have all of her songs memorized.  Knowing about Danielle Rose’s connection with Mother Teresa and her time working with the Missionaries of Charity helped me appreciate the book as reminiscent of Scripture as well as of her music. 
For more information or to purchase your own copy of Where There Is Love, There Is God, click here.  I received this book for free from WaterBrookMultnomah Publishing Group for this review.   
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