Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 78)

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod I must say that I often don’t show a lot of surprise when parents tell me about a compliment their pediatrician, a relative, a friend, or a complete stranger have given about their children.  I already know that the precious little ones in my care for several hours a day are absolutely adorable, very clever, super intelligent, and more amazing than I can ever put into words.  If I smile and nod when you share a compliment you received about your kids, it’s most likely because I have seen, heard, and experienced the truth in it, and I’m glad others have picked up on it as well.    
“I think I can, I think I can…” This week I introduced Vivi to another one of my favorite classics from childhood, The Little Engine That Could.  Throughout the day, she’ll mention hearing the train whistle, so I figured she’d be interested in reading a book about trains.  I was right.  She loved it, and it’s already made an impression.  A few times today when she was trying to do something, I heard her softly saying to herself “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” 

Goodnight Room!  Vivi got me good on Tuesday! The little skunk removed the pillows, blankets, her stuffed animals...from her bed, grabbed her nightlight and put everything in the closet then fell asleep in there with the door closed.  I walked in the room and had that split-second where the heck is she moment, before I remembered she has a closet and a fondness for little spaces with pillows and blankets to curl up in.  Too funny and very cute:)

America Finally Winning the War on Babies is a thought-provoking article everyone ought to read right before you call your mama and thank her for choosing life!

Top Shelf Books Hearing Vivi, I just had to leave my copy of The Little Engine That Could book at her house, so it is within her parents’ reach (and mine) whenever she wants to hear it.  As with the copy of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, I received from my grandma when I was four, The Little Engine That Could was another childhood favorite I received from my Godmother many moons ago, so it’s there to be read only under adult supervision.  Judging by the wear and tear on both books, they were dearly loved and within reach when I was little.  I don’t have all that much left from my childhood (in terms of things), especially now that my mom’s house was cleared out and sold last month, but certain books do bring back good memories.

My Book Obsession I absolutely love, love, love to read!  It’s one of my favorite activities now and has been ever since I was little and my parents would read to me.  I can still remember how worked up my sister and I would get when we were little and my dad would be reading a book we’d heard a million times and knew by heart, and he’d throw in something that isn’t in there: such as Little Red Riding Hood going to Burger King or something along those lines.  Kids are listening and know the stories, so if you add stuff, they/we will correct you. 
     Though I still have a passion/obsession for books of many kinds, I don’t hold onto many of them or reread ones (other than children’s picture books).  Most of them I give to family or friends who I think would like a particular book I’ve read and reviewed.  I usually bring a box of books with me when I meet with my Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) sisters and they take whatever they want.  
     I figure it’s best to spread good books around.. Though I read lots and review tons of books, there aren’t very many on our shelves.  I pass most of them along to others, because that’s what we learned to do with good books from my mom and Grandma.  If you read my review of a book that interests you, let me know, and if I haven't already passed it along, you're welcome to it.

Unstoppable I was fully expecting to like this book since Nick Vujicic’s first book Life Without Limits is so inspiring and his videos on Youtube are quite moving.  In some ways, Unstoppable threw me for a loop, brought painful subjects to the surface, and underlined the necessity of focusing on God above all-else.  Nick keeps it real, and that’s what I admire most about who he is and what he has to say. 
     Some authors, preachers, motivational speakers, and Christians strike me as being rather fake.  I’m always suspect of people who project an image that says they’re above suffering, hardship, or pain in life.  I don’t buy the life is perfect, always happy, filled with wealth, health, and kindness for those who love God and spread the Gospel.  I appreciate and can identify much better with people who know they aren’t perfect now—nor have they ever been—than I can those individuals who claim to have unwavering faith and a life without strife…To read full review, click here.  

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