Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 82)


Our Family’s Style Meals We’ve had a number of family meals this week as part of celebrating Christmas and the fact that Theresa is home from The Ohio State University for a mere couple of weeks.  Kevin, who had a really awful case of bronchitis over Christmas, was finally able to join us for a family meal this evening now that he’s recovered.  Everything else I went to on my own, but at least my dear husband got plenty of quiet time to rest, reload his 5000 songs to his MP3 player, and eat some of the best leftovers of the entire year.     

I Am the Body Beautiful!  I was reminded of this awesome song this week when we watched a rather bizarre movie that is in all honesty pretty amusing.  We got the soundtrack to the movie this was on: “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar” and would dance, sing, and lip sync to this song over and over.  It’s one of the ways my youngest sister and I (while I was in high school) could make my other sister laugh—a significant feat when said-sister had broken her leg in five places, had a full-leg cast and was confined to bed and wheelchair. 
Creative Baby-proofing A certain little someone who is exceptionally good at getting into things that she shouldn’t (usually while I’m feeding her twin a bottle and/or assisting the toddler who is potty training) has been working hard this week.  Not only is she pulling up on anything and everything at a mere 7 months old, but she also managed to grab the cord on the Verizon box that’s behind the gate to the stairs and pull it out enough to chew on it.  While over in that corner, she found an extra outlet cover and was about to snack on that, too.  In an attempt to preserve my sanity and safeguard the area for a little longer, I grabbed what was handy-a purple ribbon and a little pink and purple Minnie mouse fold-up chair.  Once I gathered the cord and tied it with the ribbon, I secured the excess so it couldn’t be pulled through the gate, by anchoring the ribbon with the chair, then put the extra outlet cover up out of reach so it wouldn’t become a choking hazard. 


Try and Stop Me!
After rigging up the Verizon box wire so the resident livewire couldn’t reach it, I went back to feeding her sister for less than about 10 seconds before I noticed her sister sitting in the same corner with the box, her back to me, and both of her hands going to her mouth.  I made it over there in time to get the dried pine needle out of her curious little hands before she put the pieces in her mouth.  Today, for the first time ever since I have been taking care of the three girls, I put the most mobile of the twins in the pack ‘n’ play when I had to go upstairs with one of her sisters or out to the kitchen for longer than a few seconds.         

Quiet Time? Theresa and Mom came to visit me for a little while today.  They came during what I think was the only time this entire week, perhaps this whole month, when all three girls were sound asleep in their beds at the same time.  They walked in, and it was completely quiet.  We talked for a bit, then they went off to do the grocery shopping and start the dinner at my mom’s for the family this evening.  Not five minutes after they left, all three girls woke up, and the usual insanity characteristic of the time between 3-5pm before their mommy gets home ensued. 
Reminders from Mom My mom is one of the most giving, loving, caring people I know.  She is a charter member of the girls’ fan club, known to them as MissAnn (said as one word).  When she has come and visited me, she’s flat-out said that she often feels overwhelmed by the prospect of taking care of the three girls.  (I admittedly have several brief moments throughout the day when I feel the exact same way, but they pass quickly and are ultimately overshadowed by precious moments infused with undeniable cuteness.)  Knowing it has been a very long, tiring week for a number of reasons, my mom reminded me that it’s not only suggested, but necessary that I do some things to take care of myself during the day, so I don’t get too worn out and run down keeping up with three small children.  Yes, Mom.  You're right.    

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Last week I asked for your prayers for the audition piece I’m working on to become one of the writers of a Young Adult series that is quite remarkable.  I’m finishing up my latest draft this evening, and plan to e-mail it to them for review by tomorrow evening.  May God’s Will be done, in this and all things!

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