Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 84)

Total Request Live Throughout the day, I sing a wide variety of songs to the girls.  Some are Broadway show tunes, others are from animated Disney movies, Veggie Tales, songs I learned when I was young, and those I’ve learned while nannying, working at school, attending teacher workshops, etc.  I have quite the repertoire without making any up on my own, but those can be amusing, too.         

Making Up the Words One example of why I am better suited to write children’s books than children’s songs occurred many years ago when I was nannying for “my two little guys.”  I would sing the “If your happy and you know it” song, then continue by adding in whatever the boys were doing at the time.  For example, “if you’re happy and you know it, play with a train.”  My youngest sister Theresa was hanging out with me and the boys that day, and she got to hear what has got to be one of my most hilarious spur-of-the-moment kids’ song concoctions yet.  I kept singing and doing the running commentary of what the boys were doing until I cheerfully sang, “If you’re happy and you know it, knock your balls!”  One of the boys was playing with two of the plastic spheres from his shape sorter toy and was making noise with them.  And that’s yet another reason why I like writing things down—because it gives me the opportunity to revise.
“It’s Peepee on the Potty Time!”  Over the past few weeks, I’ve created and been using a short, catchy (in that annoying will get stuck in your head and be requested over and over again by any toddlers in your vicinity kind of way) song to encourage children to use the potty. 
“It’s peepee on the potty time!! peepee on the potty time!!
Peepee on the potty, peepee on the potty,
peepee on the potty like a big girl now.”
     After using the first two lines of the intro (which is all in caps above), you do the next two lines super fast like the banana says “peanutbutterjelly” is likewhen you’re saying “peepeeonthepotty” all run together.  Here’s the video and a warning: you really should not play the following video clip if you tend to get songs stuck in your head (unless, of course, you’re desperate enough to try anything that might work to encourage potty training to go more smoothly.)

Tutoring in Math 
I went to a Math tutor my senior year of high school because I had the misfortune of getting the same teacher I’d had (and was not impressed with) my freshmen year.  Fortunately the tutor was really sweet and helped me a ton with my Trigonometry.  We sat at her dining room table to do work while her husband watched their young children in another room on the same floor.  The bathroom was very close to the dining room, so one evening we overheard a discussion while their dad was potty training one of the boys.  The woman apologized, and I just burst out laughing.  I wasn’t the least bit offended or put-off that we occasionally heard sounds of little ones talking or learning to use the potty, as it were.  At the end of the school year, I presented my tutor with a parody I had done taking Math terms and giving them alternative definitions.  I titled it “Potty Math.”  She thought it was hilarious and hung it up in their bathroom. 

Make the best of it. I had to drive across town to get to my math tutor’s house, which happened to be around the corner from family friends of ours.  Knowing that the wife was suffering from cancer and had some really rough days, each week I’d make her a card and sometimes include a little gift and leave it in her mailbox once I left the tutor’s house.  I kept making these drops anonymously until the school year was over.  Since I was going away for the summer, I thought I should reveal myself, mainly so the woman wouldn’t think I’d forgotten about her or didn’t care when something didn’t show up weekly for her.  She invited my mom, some other friends, and me over for lunch one day as a thank you.  It was nice to share in person the love, laughter, and prayers I’d expressed through cards, letters, and gifts.    
My Husband: Not much of a linguist Kevin is often coming up with made-up words that he tries to pass off as him speaking in a foreign language.  He does know the correct pronunciation for some words in a few different languages, but he wings it from there with limited success and lots of laughter.  When struggling with someone who was asking questions that were directed to my husband rather than another department who would be able to answer them, he came up with a new phrase he shared with his co-worker once the call had ended.  No hablo give-a damn-o which Kevin says means: ‘I don’t know’ in Spanish.  I love him dearly, but his ‘not knowing’ is sometimes blatantly obvious in any language.   

We both made the team! Thank you everyone for the prayers you sent our way.  Things went very well with the audition.  Check back later for more details, but know that the Potters are part of the team now.

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