Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trespasses Against Us John Paul 2 High Book 2

Trespasses Against Us is a compelling sequel to Catholic Reluctantly (Book 1 of the John Paul 2 High Series).  This awesome series is definitely meant to be read in order.  To read a review of the first book, boldly click here.
You’ll love this fast-paced second book of the series.  The teens attending John Paul 2 High School (JP2HS) have a lot to figure out as some students begin to pair off into couples and all of them discover that great temptations and grave danger are much closer than they imagined. 

A school shooter who has evaded police is still on the loose.  No one was killed.  No bullet found.  The victim changes schools, but is she far enough away?    
Allie Weaver, the blond bombshell who just transferred from the public high school, arrives at JP2HS feeling completely out of place.  She’s dating the captain of the Sparrow Hills High School wrestling team, Tyler Getz who has a certain image to maintain.  His Casanova act lasts much longer than their relationship does.  
George isn’t the only guy at JP2HS who’s enamored with the new girl.  When he learns a stalker has been haunting Allie with obscene text messages and e-mails, he thinks he knows the culprit and takes matters into his own hands.  Has he got the right suspect?  Would he be safer letting the police take care of it?   
Celia Costain, George’s best friend since childhood, is left heartbroken and confused when he begins dating Allie.  She wonders whether George is trying to protect his new girlfriend or if he’s really more interested in exacting revenge on someone who went too far with hazing him.
The JP2HS students must band together to make it through alive, though not unscathed, when they attempt to find out if all three criminals are the same person.
I highly recommend getting all books available in the series as you will want to pick up the next book in the series immediately once you finish the one before it.
To find out more about the books, the characters, read the John Paul 2 High blog, chat with other readers on the Facebook page, check out the latest on Twitter, and be the first to find out about upcoming books, click here.

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