Monday, April 15, 2013

Curtain Calls and Lights Out (My Nanny Diary)

 Bop Until You Drop

Lately, Vivi has often requested I play “Bop Until You Drop” song for us to sing and dance to.  Her sisters get into it as well.  They bounce dance to the music and find it thoroughly amusing when Vivi and I dance around, then suddenly drop to the ground. 
I couldn’t help but smile this week when the girls were playing with two of the Boppy pillows (typically used for nursing and later for propping babies up into a sitting position) while we were listening to “Bop Until You Drop.” 
All three girls love music and dancing.  Sophie tilts her head from side to side when she hears even the slightest hint of a melody.  It cracks me up when she really gets into it because she looks like she’s imitating the motions of Stevie Wonder.  What’s even funnier is when she is bee-bopping around and moving her head so much she tips over.

Curtain Calls 

In the past couple weeks, I’ve had some new experiences with household items and persistent, curious kids.  Vivi had her first "curtain call" the other day during her nap/rest time.  Clearly she was opting not to nap or rest.  I often hear her making noise in her room when she’s decided she’d rather play than rest, so I wasn’t alarmed when I heard her moving around. 
A number of times she’s removed all of her pillows, bedding, cuddly stuffed animals, books, (basically everything but the fitted sheet on her bed) to the floor or, on a couple different occasions, into her closet.  The first time she moved everything into her closet during naptime, I opened the door and had a brief moment of panic when I didn’t see her or any of her bedding.  I then remembered she has a closet she can get into.  I opened the door and there she lay sound asleep on top of her pillows, blankets, and furry friends. 
When I walked into her room the other day, of course, the first thing I noticed was that the purple drapes and the rod were on the floor.  I was not pleased, but I at least had the peace of mind to ask her if she’d gotten hurt when they came down and save the “we don’t pull on the curtains” talk for later.  She said the “candy cane” (aka curtain rod) hit the top of her head.

Lights Out

Livie’s walking around quite nimbly for a little squirt who’s only 10.5 months old.  Sophie was very determined to practice freestanding the other day.  She’s working on her balance and aspiring to be careening around the living room soon and very soon.  There are plenty of things for the girls to pull up on and play with, but they naturally are most interested in getting into areas and items that aren’t suitable for them to use at all and/or bang up on.  Sophie swiftly pulled the floor lamp down on herself last week.  Fortunately, it only got her leg, and Livie was far enough back, it didn’t knock her lights out, either.
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