Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 101)

Happy Mother’s Day!  I’ll be praying extra for mothers and “other mothers” this weekend.  I’m grateful to my mother for so much and admire her quite a bit, even if I’m not as good about thanking her specifically for being present, sharing her passion for the faith, the pro-life movement, reading, but I truly appreciate who she is and how she’s loved my sisters, family, friends, and me as unconditionally as possible. 
     This will be my mom’s first Mother’s Day since her own mother passed away in January.  I’ll also be remembering friends who have recently lost their mothers and will be more aware of their absence this weekend. 
Sooooo Big! This will be my sister’s first Mother’s Day with a big beautiful baby boy in her arms.  Ezra, at a mere 2 months old is already in the 100th percentile for height at 25.5 in. and the 99 percentile for weight at a whopping 16.5 lbs! 

Tangled All three girls are fascinated by shoes.  The twins enjoy chewing on them and playing with the laces.  Vivi has, of course, already graduated to putting on shoes that are much too big for her and walking around in them pretending she’s Mommy, Daddy, or me.  Lately Vivi’s made it a habit to “tie” my shoelaces when I’ve taken my shoes off.  Her “tying” has become more complicated.  It actually took me a couple minutes yesterday to undo what she did so I could put my shoes on, tie them the more traditional way, so I could go outside and take the cover off of the sandbox for her.     
Same Silliness, Different Day Vivi and her sisters love playing with blankets, one in particular that’s in their living room is often made into a hiding place, a makeshift tent, a blanket, a beach towel, etc.  Sophie’s been putting a blanket over her head, then turning around and flailing her arms until it’s no longer covering her face.  Once she’s free, she starts the process over with as much gusto as the first time she did it.

Context Clues "Mickey Mouse got ripped,” Vivi said.  I laughed thinking of this in terms of bodybuilding and how he’d become Mighty Mouse, though I know she was just stating a fact about the sticker she’d just put upside down on the page then tried to remove.

Wishin’ and Hopin’ There are a number of books I read that I don’t have to write reviews for and devour in between reading and writing about other books.  One of these such reads I picked up at Goodwill when I did my spring/summer shopping a few weeks ago.  I was thoroughly amused by Wishin’ and Hopin’ a novel by Wally Lamb.  The narrator is a 10-year-old fifth grade boy at a Catholic school in 1964.  The thoughts and observations of this kid are priceless and wildly entertaining.  I’m certain that my dad and his brothers pulled some of the same tricks on the nuns who ran the grammar school they attended as students in this class do.  I was not only laughing out loud, I was reading parts of it to Kevin and telling friends about it, too
Mixed Tapes  Kevin and I were watching a movie this week in which the friends and couples would exchange mixed tapes they’d made for each other.  This brought back memories of when I was in my last year of high school and college when Kevin and I would make mixed tapes for each other.  Kevin had a recording studio, high quality equipment, and a large music collection.  I had a light pink Panasonic boombox with a recording feature on it.  I did the best I could to record songs from the radio, other tapes, etc. on the tape I made for Kevin, but it came out more like a ransom tape in that the cutting, pasting, differing volumes, and styles were rather shocking.  The best part, which Kevin and I still laugh about, is the time when he was listening to the first mixed tape I made him, and he practically fell off the loveseat, because one song was so much louder than the one before. 
     This week I’ve been listening to one of the 1432 CDs Kevin made for me while we were still dating.  Good times.
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