Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 115)

A Montessori Mindset One of the kids at school fell on the way to carpool and got scraped knees.  After tending to the booboos, I was asked a question that I believe to be clearly indicative of this young person’s Montessori education: “What kind of wood do you think those steps were made out of that I fell down?  Are they made of oak?”  Wow!  That was the last thing I expected to hear post scraped knee experience.  The knowledge and questions of children, in general, tends to amaze and amuse me. 
The Loss of Loved Ones Last Saturday Kevin and I went to Mass, prayed the Rosary before the statue of Mary in the garden at Little Sisters of the Poor where he and I have gone and sat together since I was in high school. I went to Reconciliation, then spent some time praying at St. Michael's grotto. Someone had stolen the matches and scattered all the envelopes, so I couldn't even light a candle for my dad. He knows I've been thinking of him a lot lately.
     Lord, I give you this day and all of the prayers and tears mixed together in it, to be used as You wish for the salvation of souls in time and eternity. Amen.
You Got Mail! This weekend, I figured out how I’m going to display some cards Kevin and I sent each other over the years in a collage so they can be opened and read while hanging up.

Empty Nest Errs It feels a bit strange going to St. Benedict’s for daily Mass now, knowing that the two people Kevin and I most often attended Mass with at that church have moved to new places as they continue on their faith and vocation journeys.  I won’t hear from Michele until Christmas and that’s if she feels like sending me a letter.  Fortunately, we keep in touch pretty much daily with John in one way or another, even though he’s been on summer assignment in Hampton, Virginia, and is heading back to St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore very soon for his second year of seminary.  
Kevin and I have felt in a sense like we’ve had two leave the nest over the past year.  What’s funny is that this summer, we’ve started actually decorating our place a bit.  We now have our dining area devoted to a Rochester, Lake Ontario, beginning of Kevin and me becoming friends and dating theme...Read the rest of this reflection here.   
Gelati Celesti Kevin and I have been enjoying using our St. Michael's Scrip for Gelati Celesti (and the other bazillion places they have available.  
Step Up Yes, I know I'm silly, but now we have all four of the Step Up movies.  Some of the acting is corny at best, and the stories are very predictable, but I'm really inspired by dance, and Kevin loves it, too, so we've had fun watching the movies and the making of the movies and the choreography.  You can make fun of us if you like, but then you better bring it!  
But I'm on Vacation! For the first time this summer, Kevin and I are both officially on vacation.       

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