Thursday, October 31, 2013

"You have a new baby sister!"

     Those were the most joyful, awe-inspiring words I've heard on Halloween.  Our Family's Happiest Halloween Ever was when my youngest sister was born while my other sister and I were out trick-or-treating with friends of ours.  (My parents left for the hospital as we were getting ready, and my grandma was at our house in anticipation.)
     I think it's pretty funny that this was the song that was blaring from my friends' father's car stereo when he got the call on his car phone.  He turned it down long enough to tell us the joyful news: "You have a new baby sister!"  We were very excited.
     It is still hard for me to believe that the little girl I've loved and watched grow into a beautiful woman is in her Senior year of college now.  I can't say it seems like only yesterday that I was giving her rides places when she was in high school, but I do have some fond memories of Driving Miss Daisy.
     Along with the story about Theresa's birthday, there's a picture of us on Halloween when she was still in high school and had requested that we dress up as Disney characters for her birthday.  I dressed as Mulan and she's Tinkerbell.
     Theresa, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that this next year of your life is filled to overflowing with joy, blessings, and amazing memories too numerous to count. You are dearly loved!
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