Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Religious Freedom, Nevermore

Trisha Niermeyer Potter © November 2012

O beautiful the spacious skies
Of amber waves profaned.
The purple mountains,
Your Majesty,
In the upended plains.

I pledge no allegiance
To this plague
In the United States
Under Obamacare
Nor to this immoral public
For which it stands
An administration without God
Visible with religious liberty for none
But contraception and abortion for all.

Moral relativity from sea to sea
Depravity is keyed
Into the side of these rights withheld. 

The religious leaders and faithful few
Try their best to catechize,
But our elected leaders scandalize,
Slaughter our freedom of religion,
Bring genocide stateside.
Thank you very little.

Turn over a new leaf,
Not abandon all Truth and belief
In a matter of convenience
Devoid of obedience
To anything other than pride.

Granny, get your gun
Before the death panels
Are at your side
To choose
How many days you have left
Before your family is bereft. 

It’s bad enough our patriots
Get treated with such disdain.
Apparently it’s better if we ease
This sort of pain
By tearing babies
limb from limb
Based on the slim chance
that God didn’t really mean:
Thou shalt not kill.

For 40 days
They showed up at your door
Reminding you what
God stands for: LIFE.
Far above any pay-grade,
This verdict was clearly laid
and will never be overturned.

I’m afraid  
Though many remain unaware,
Obama doesn’t care
About the youth in Asia
Killed because they have
Two X chromosomes.

I don’t see Y
The home of the free
Has been turned into the prison
Of a slave
To the Devil’s only weapon:

There are some who refuse.
They are silent no more
After the tears they’ve cried
Over children that died
At their parents’ hands
Not in foreign lands
But on American soil
caked with blood.

Rachel’s project expanded
Since evil sisters
banned parenthood,
demanded the president
Continue this precedent
Of scarring the young and the old
The rich and the bold
The greatest and the least
with the mark of the Beast.
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