Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harvests and Special Celebrations

   This school year's Harvest Fest was my favorite one yet, because Kevin and I got to share it with five of our favorite people.  Two of our best friends brought their daughters to the Harvest Fest we had at school last Saturday.
   Their girls (the twins are our Goddaughters) I have referred to elsewhere as "the three silly sisters" are the ones I was nannying for over the past few years.  I was so excited that they got to come and enjoy the fun.  Of course, I love being around children, in general, but these girls will always have an extra special place in my heart.
   Who wouldn't like getting the following greetings from three adorable little ones?  "I've missed you sooo much!" and another one: "I love you!" and the third just runs over and gives me a big hug.
    Kevin, their mom, and I each ended up chasing one of the girls around the playground, field, and festivities.  Their dad came by after work to join us for face-painting and popsicle eating/smearing fun.  There were slides, pumpkins, balloons, snacks, apple cider, and even an alleged Rainbow Dash spotting.

    Our outing last weekend reminded me of another event several years ago in the spring that was way more fun one year than any other: The Walk for Life.  I was taking care of one of "my two little guys" so his parents good get a much-needed overnight away, and that happened to be the Saturday of The Pregnancy Resource Center's Walk for Life which my family and I have taken part in for years.  I packed him up in his stroller, and off we went.  He had a ball.  My parents, Kevin, and I did, too.

   We've been part of the village helping to raise, love, nurture, and care for a number of children over the years.  The present I have most hoped for just about since our nephew's birth has been to have two of our best friends and their daughters come to meet my sister, brother-in-law, and our nephew.  We will hopefully have the joy of such a gathering as part of a pretty picnic and playtime at the park excursion Sunday afternoon.
     Lord, thank You for the blessing of family and friends with whom we can celebrate the gifts of life, love, laughter, joy, and hope.  To read about other fond memories involving Harvesting God's Abundance, click here.

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