Thursday, February 5, 2015

Laughing Together Series (Vol. 8) "I won't even wear a Buffalo Bills jacket inside out."

After Christmas 1998, I flew up to Rochester to spend six days with Kevin.  I stayed at my grandma’s place, again.  The first order of business was finding me a suitable winter coat.  The one I had was only adequate for fall or spring in upstate New York. 

Kevin offered me a Buffalo Bills jacket which I refused to wear even inside out since I was born in Texas, and my parents had been diehard Dallas Cowboys fans for years.  In fact, my mom remembers the day I was born as being one of the most joy-filled days of her life. 

She recalls the events surrounding my birth and rather quick delivery, and she also remembers that the Cowboys won that evening.  My stubbornness on this matter of refusing to wear fan gear for a rival football team even for purposes of keeping warm in winter thoroughly amused Kevin, but after hassling me for a bit, he found another coat I could wear during the visit. 

I still kid Kevin about being the only fan the Bills have left in our state, possibly on our entire planet.  Shortly after Christmas 2014 when the Bills played the Patriots, my dear proudly announced that his team had actually won a game. 

“Does the NFL know about this?” I quipped.

He came back with: “Of course not.  Haven’t you ever heard of “fantasy football?”    
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