Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lent and The Thirsting

Throughout this Lent, I’ve often thought of and listened to a song by The Thirsting called “Come Hold My Son.”  It’s a beautiful ballad from Our Mother Mary’s perspective as she was present with and for Jesus throughout his life, from conception to his death on the cross beckoning us to come and hold her only son. 

Last Saturday, I sat on one of the benches out near the grotto facing a replica of Michaelangelo’s Pietà and prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries.  I looked up at Mary’s face as she gazed at her son, and I tried to imagine what it would be like for a mother who has always loved her child dearly to let other people talk to, criticize, hurt, and abuse him the way they did.  

Throughout Christ’s life, Mary encouraged people to “come hold her son,” knowing from very early on that some people wanted to do Him harm.  She continues making this same invitation.  She beckons us to receive His Body and Blood in the Eucharist. 

Musical God Incidents 

Lead singer of the band The Thirsting Daniel Oberreuter was traveling through Richmond on the way to meet up with his Catholic band.  He did a concert at our parish this past January.  I talked my husband Kevin into coming with me, and we’re both really glad that we went.  The youth advocate at our parish Mike found this out and invited him to come speak to the middle school and high school youth.  Daniel not only did that, but he also played guitar and sang at all of the weekend Masses at St. Michael Church.  

The Thirsting is what you’d get if you smashed together R.E.M., U2, and Green Day, and made them all Catholic,” Daniel Oberreuter said.  Click here to listen to some of their songs.

Their work is all very faith-filled, often thought-provoking.  The versions we heard were mellower than they would have been if the whole band had been there.  Just Daniel and his guitar made for a more intimate evening of music.  Professional lights, sound gear, and obvious charm added to musical talent kicked things up a notch. 
I really enjoyed the concert! I like good music, meaningful lyrics, and people who are brave enough to go around the country/world sharing their talents as well as their Catholic faith.

A Man of Faith and Prayer

Daniel spoke about his wife and two young sons.  Most of what he shared had to do with his personal relationship with Christ and the Blessed Mother, which was jumpstarted when he was sixteen and began praying the Rosary daily. 
Pretty soon, he found a quiet place to pray while his family was down watching Seinfeld on TV.  It occurred to him that he probably wasn’t going to grow any closer to God by watching TV, but he could see how his relationship was already becoming more intimate as he meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary. 
Between songs, he shared stories about his life, faith journey, and struggles.  He emphasized the importance of the Sacraments.  One of my favorite songs that he wrote came to him when he was in front of the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration.  He felt that Mary was inviting him to come hold Jesus which inspired him to write “Come Hold my Son,” a beautiful ballad from Our Mother Mary’s perspective as she was present with and for Jesus throughout his life, from conception to his death on the cross.  This was one of the songs Daniel performed during Mass, so it already felt familiar. 

And the Award for Best Business Card Back EVER Goes to Daniel Oberreuter:

When speaking about the Rosary, Daniel took his out and showed it to us.  He gave a deeply moving reflection on each of The Sorrowful Mysteries, each time ending with the question: “Is ten Hail Marys really enough?” 

His story about beginning to pray the Rosary daily at 16 reminded me of when I used to wake up extra early, before everyone else in the house to pray the Rosary each morning when I was in high school.  It was very fruitful, amazing prayer time.  Many of the insights I received into the mysteries of Christ’s life as well as the grace from those quiet moments of meditation at the start of the day are still with me.

We purchased two of their CDs which Kevin and I listen to several times a week.  The Thirsting is most definitely another band on our list of faith-filled favorites.  
To get more info about The Thirsting, check out their website, videos on Youtube, like them on Facebook, and/or download their music, click here.  
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