Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prints of Grace Photo Art Cards

All above photos are Prints of Grace © Trisha Niermeyer Potter
Many people know me as a photographer.  I was the Photo Editor of our high school newspaper for my freshmen through junior years, so I got in the habit of always bringing my camera with me to everything snapping photos everywhere of everyone.  I have hundreds of photos of the places and people who have influenced and enhanced my life over the past 19 years. 
Each Prints of Grace Photo Art Card comes
in a white or cream photo holder/
greeting card with a white envelope.  All
photos are 4 X 6.

I once had a business selling photo art cards.  Recently, a coworker who saw some of the photos I put up to decorate the classroom for my summer camps liked what she saw and wanted to purchase some to use in her Montessori classroom as matching works and as fancy  greeting cards to send to parents.  I am very grateful her interest inspired me to rediscover how I can blend photography, art, and a love of nature’s beauty. 

My first shipment of white photo cards and now cream ones are in. I've gotten my nature photographs organized, prints filed by photo, and originals scanned.  I have the negatives on file for the photos I took before I had a digital camera. 

I'm back in business and ready to take orders.  E-mail me at for more info, pricing information, special order options, and/or to place an order.  

If you have a gift shop or boutique and would like to look at all of the styles available and discuss pricing for larger quantity orders, just let me know.
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