Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Prints of Grace © 2016 Trisha Niermeyer Potter

I must stay I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the adorable family and Easter egg hunt photos with the kids that everyone has posted on Instagram, Facebook, and their blogs.  Since my husband and I don't have any cute kids dressed in their Easter best, I figured I would attempt to create something prettier to look at than either of us did this past weekend.

Kevin went to the Easter Vigil and brought me Communion, because I'm still sick, then we both spent all day Sunday at home in our pajamas (which also aren't cute, festive, or anything like that, so there will be no photos).   

I did all of the readings for the lengthy Mass at home by myself while he was gone.  I had a decent time of prayer and reflection, but I missed being present in the flesh with the St. Michael congregation for the celebration of God’s love, the Scriptural summary of salvation history, and the rejoicing over new members coming into the Church and the renewal of our own Baptismal promises.  Kevin said that the music ministry was amazing, as always.  Deacon Andy’s homily was one of the best he had heard. 

After spending the past several years espousing the benefits of observing the Easter Triduum by participating at church in the three-part over three days observation of the holiest days of the year, I missed the Triduum plus at both parishes Kevin and I have been attending for Mass.  At least, Kevin made it to two out of three nights. 

Upon rereading entries from past Holy Weeks, I realized Kevin was sick and missed everything church-related last year.  Apparently, the holiday tradition we most need to break is the Potter Paschal Plague.  Eventually, we will make it back to Mass together and will rejoice that Christ has indeed risen from the dead, and we have both risen from the bed.

May you and your loved ones have a glorious Easter season filled with abundant reminders of God's unconditional love!  
        Blessings, Trisha & Kevin

A Note on the Artwork: I created the above graphic using three of the coloring pages from:

Coloring Art Therapy Magazine 48 Prints Jenean Morrison Wanderlust

I colored these this week while home resting and trying to get over being sick with a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection.  I used Sharpie markers to color each design, altered the colors slightly to make them look a little brighter and more like Spring in a Word .doc, cropped images closely, and made them oval-shaped to look like Easter eggs, then added text and popped the whole thing into Paint to save it.

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