Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World

Jesus loves the little children, and clearly Pope Francis does, too.  The handwritten letters and color drawings from thirty children appear in Dear Pope Francis.  

Many letters were collected, 259 to be exact, from six continents, 26 countries, and written in 14 different languages.  Each one selected for this book includes the original handwritten letter, a color drawing, the English translation of the message as well as a photo of the child, the person’s first name, his or her age, and the country where they live.

Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J., Director of La Civilt√† Cattolica, brought the letters to the Pope and recorded his answers to the children’s questions. Fr. Spadaro later transcribed the Pope’s response to each one and that reply is included on the page opposite from the original letter the child sent.  

Check out this video clip to see and hear some of the great questions asked:

In a digital age, we sometimes forget the delight that can come from writing and receiving a handwritten letter.  It is my hope that reading these letters from children and the Pope’s responses to them will help reignite people’s faith as well as a fondness for the exchange of personal letters sent through snail mail. 

I highly recommend this book for families to read with their children!  Kids (and adults) will likely identify with the questions posed and enjoy the drawings all the while getting a more personal glimpse of Pope Francis and his love for children. 

For more information about Dear Pope Francis or to order your own copy, click here. 

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