Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is Your Main Man Part Minion? 10 Ways You Can Tell

My husband is a very good sport.  He loved these two pages I colored for him so much
they are now taped up on the wall.  He also humored me by posing for these pics.  

My husband whose real name is Kevin loves the minions. I’m convinced that is the case, in part, because he kind of is one.    

10 Ways You Can Tell If Your Main Man Is Part Minion:

1. He should not be left unsupervised for long periods of time.

2. He can be quite cute and endearing. 

3. He loves bananas.

4. He is still disproportionately entertained by scatological humor.

5. He often wears black and blue.

6. He found both Despicable Me movies to be wildly entertaining. 

7. He has the same name as one of the minions.

8. He’s not above playing practical jokes.      

9. He can be rather mischievous.

10. He exhibits very single-minded focus.

Do these describe your main man?  They're all true of mine.  If your guy is part minion, I hope you have a wonderful sense of humor and can appreciate the silliness he adds to your life.
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