Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Time for New Beginnings

Late August, early September are popular times for new beginnings.  When Kevin and I first met and began dating, I was still in high school.  He later came to visit me at Hollins University or met me back at home in Richmond when I was on break. 

September is the start of a new school year, the month when Kevin and I tied the knot, and has been the season when we’ve started some new chapters in our careers.  One week after we got married, I started nannying for “my two little guys.”

September 2008 is when I first started working at RMS.

Last year, Kevin had taken a step he thought it was too late for.  He enrolled at ITT Tech and began studying for a degree in Drafting and Design Technology.

This Saturday was his last day working at Best Buy.

Queue drumroll, please.

Tomorrow is the start of another exciting adventure for Kevin.  It will be my husband’s first day as a Team Fishel employee.  The official job offer is the news we’ve been waiting for all summer.  He’s so excited I want to let him give our family and close friends the details in person before I share them here.

Suffice it to say he is seriously stoked to be starting his new work as a CAD-Operator at one of their Richmond office locations.

Please keep him and us in your prayers as we adjust to new things like having weekends off together and rediscover what holidays are like when no one in our household is working insane retail or extended nannying/childcare hours.  While you’re at it, you might pray for the many who will miss him a great deal.  Thanks.
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