Friday, February 5, 2010

“My home is within you.” Psalm 87:7

     For a while I’ve heard and known that God is in each of us, but it seems even richer to consider that His home is within us. The implications are so much deeper.
     If God’s home is within me, then He doesn’t just visit from time to time. He doesn’t need to call ahead to let me know He’s coming. He’s got the key and knows the code to turn off the alarm system.
     He created this home in me, but I get to make the rules for it. I choose what rooms He’s allowed to come into. I know that I’ve probably kept some rooms in my heart locked. Of course, God already knows what’s behind the closed doors, but if I’m completely honest with myself, I’d have to admit that there are some areas of my life that I’m not ready to examine closely with Him at this point in time.
     Being a loving, respectful God, He doesn’t barge in and drag me kicking and screaming through the door to look at the mess I’ve made. He waits until I’m ready, then we go in together. Of course, there are times when He prods me a bit, suggesting that it would be a good time for us to go in the formerly off-limits area, but He doesn’t break the door down or take it off the hinges until I give Him permission to do so.
     Some days, it’s harder for me than others to know that God sees all the grime, mold, dust, spider webs, dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and clutter in the home of my heart. Even if I do my best to clean up the living room, so I feel comfortable having Him enter, I sometimes have trouble concentrating on what He is saying to me, because I know that the den is a disaster area.
     Once I do let God into a room with me, He’s willing to sit and talk about what I’ve done with the place, let me know what belongs and reflects my true self, and those things that are mere cover-ups for who He has created me to be. This less desirable part of the décor falls under the category of false self. When I’m ready, He’s content to roll up His sleeves and help me clean up the mess, wash the spray-painted lies off the walls, and rearrange the furniture so it’s easier for Him to move around and feel more cozy. He’ll fix the wall of framed photographs that were dark because it didn’t seem like He was in the picture to brighter versions where His presence is clear.
     I’m not sure where this redecorating and renovating will lead, but I can call always call in the Master Carpenter, who says He works for free, to discuss what demolitions and additions I would need to accommodate the Big Three: Father, Son, and Spirit at home within me.
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