Sunday, May 9, 2010

In Honor of Mothers

A poem I wrote a while back in honor of mothers
Trisha Niermeyer Potter © 2008

In honor of mothers:

the very hungry caterpillar
will not gorge himself on sweets
before he builds a cocoon
and turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Sam I am will eat green eggs and ham
without any bribes or charades.
The tweedle beetles will stop
battling with their paddles.
The Cat in the Hat won’t release
Thing 1 or Thing 2 while you’re out and about.

Mickey and Minnie will wash
behind their ears without being reminded.
Lightening McQueen will stop
flashing everyone in public.
Swiper will have enough self-control
to keep from swiping from Dora the Explorer.

Oscar the Grouch will clean his can
and maintain a positive attitude.
Cookie Monster will share his cookies.
The Count will refrain from tallying
the number of dirty dishes in your sink.

Amelia Bedelia will do all the chores
and not take everything you say or write
so darn literally.
Rainbow Bright will restore the original
color to the clothing and linens
that have faded in the wash.
Bob the Builder will fix up the house.

Old MacDonald will feed the animals
and mow the lawn without being asked.
Clifford will be careful wagging his red tail.
All your ducks will come immediately
from over the hills when they hear you quack.

The three little pigs will compose
a folk song in appreciation
of your selfless hard work.
The Big Bad Wolf will leave your mom alone.
Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber
will evangelize your younguns
while preparing a fresh relish tray.

All the Little Red Hen’s friends
will pitch in to make you a nice meal.
Strawberry Shortcake will prepare you
a scrumptious dessert.

The ten little monkeys won’t even think
about jumping on your bed.
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
will allow you to take a nap in peace.
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