Monday, June 28, 2010

Veggie Tales King George and the Ducky

     Some Bible stories are fairly easy to make simple and tame enough to teach children the morals and values they’re meant to convey. Sure, kids are going to be interested in hearing about Noah building a huge ark and getting all of the animals to come on board two by two, but how would you turn one of the Scripture stories that most resembles a soap opera involving conceit, deceit, lust, and murder into a kid-friendly, mother-approved lesson in compassion, the importance of being honest, and the consequences of selfishness?
     Only the crew at Veggie Tales would take on a challenge as great and requiring such creative genius as rewriting the story of King David, Bathsheba, and Uriah the Hittite so it could be used as an example for children of what happens when we allow selfishness, greed, and jealousy to guide our actions. The only aspect of the story as they tell it that has anything to do with soap opera is that the main characters take baths and sing.
     Instead of numerous wives, King George has a cabinet full of rubber duckies, yet he covets his neighbor’s ducky. Most kids have felt that way themselves. Regardless of how many toys they have, they’re most interested in what someone else is using and doesn’t want to share. I daresay the reasons for many of the fights in childhood are: not knowing or following the polite rules of engagement, having very strong feelings of entitlement, and not possessing much self-restraint. Actually, if we’re honest with ourselves, these are often some of the reasons why adults get into arguments.      If we focus on ourselves to the point of disregarding the effects our behavior will have on other people involved, then we are not living or loving as God would like. What better way to illustrate to kids what greed and self-centeredness look like than to have someone who seems to have everything take what little happiness and pleasure another person possesses by stealing his favorite and only bath toy. King George inevitably finds himself unhappy and in another unfavorable kind of hot water.
     This movie is like all other Veggie Tale productions in that it is a wonderful reminder of Biblical truths in family-friendly form. Wholesome entertainment for everyone can be hard to come by, but this crew has created another moral masterpiece filled with song, humor, and solid Scriptural principles. I highly recommend it!
     You can purchase this DVD here.
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