Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 6)

We’re still LAUGHING TOGETHER! The year we first met, I was quickly attracted to Kevin’s friendliness, outgoing personality, his sense of humor, his ability to appreciate and reciprocate my brand of sarcasm and banter of wordplays.  Oh yeah, and his great smile and blue eyes might have gotten my attention as well.  My dear husband has reminded me numerous times I need to finish the memoir about us and get it published.  Babe, I believe you’re right.  I think it’s time, but I’m going to need your help, input, humor, love, support, patience, prayers, and your rather impressive editing abilities to get the job done.  Thanks for believing in me and always encouraging me to become the best version of myself! 
I had a dream last night… that was filled with many people from my past.  A number of situations and experiences seemed sparked by recent thoughts, events, and feelings.  I can remember a lot of detail in most of my dreams: people, what places look like, sometimes exactly what people say in the dream and how it made me feel, and yes, I dream in living color.  I find it significant and perhaps another nudge from God that the dream I was having when I woke up to the alarm this morning was in French and English and had people in it from my time studying abroad in France.  It’s always encouraging when I realize I still sometimes dream in French, and it’s a strong subconscious indicator that I need to get back to working on the memoir, the next part of which is about my time studying abroad in France.  I know I can be stubborn and reluctant, but I’m glad the Lord and my husband are persistent.   
Total Consecration of St. Louis de Montfort is a very powerful way to grow in love, knowledge, and spiritual closeness to the Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Mother. I first read and prayed through the Preparation for Total Consecration according to Saint Louis Marie de Montfort over ten years ago. I found the experience of reading the reflections and praying the included prayers over the prescribed 33 day period to be extremely powerful and spiritually enriching. I find that some of the prayers included are still among my favorites to use in my daily morning prayer time.
Through apostolate, since January 1, Ray Mooney has shipped over 6,500 Consecration Packets. In the last 15 years Tony Mullen, who founded Children of the Father Foundation, has shipped over 300,000 Consecration Packets throughout the world. I hope that you will thoroughly check out our website and place orders for free materials if you feel so inclined.

To Jesus Through Mary,

Ray Mooney, National Coordinator of Parish Consecration, 718-309-6126
It’s hard raising parents these days.  Matthew Archbold, who left the business world to raise his five children has some truly hilarious blog posts involving kids, faith, child care, parenting, and such that I’ve found so entertaining I’ve insisted on reading them aloud to my husband so we can both laugh together about the antics of the Archbold household.  Here are three of my favorite posts of his:  “I Have No Idea How I’m Doing as a Dad,” “OCALHEAP!” and “Batman Tried to Save Jesus.” And by the way, as someone who has taken care of kids of all ages, worked as a nanny, teacher, tutor, camp instructor, religious education teacher, and “other mother” for numerous children over the past 18 years, I’d have to say that overall, you’re doing a good job as a dad, Mr. Archbold.
Ongoing discernment.  The necessity of ongoing vocational discernment has often been a buzz topic for me.  I firmly believe that if we genuinely listen to the Lord, then He will continue to reveal His will for our lives and vocations as we go. 
A good case in point, Abigail Seidman, a wife, mother, just came into the Church at Easter Catholic, is a woman I met through 40 Days for Life when she and another woman from Silent No More came to share their abortion experiences with those of us gathered before the clinic to pray for an end to abortion.  This dynamic pro-life speaker has recently discerned that God is currently calling her to focus on private life and religious life rather than putting so much time and energy into the abortion issue.  Read her full post here and check out her other blog Cosy Moments.

Here’s my response: I completely respect your decision and know it's one you've made with ample prayer, discernment, and guidance.  I'm glad you're leaving this blog up as a link to some of the very moving stories and testimonies you have of why you are pro-life. 
Quite honestly, the Catholic, wife, and mother aspects of who you are will always be the most important.  You are doing what's best for you and your family, and what is truly pro-life and the best example for others by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
God bless you and your family!
You never know.  A gentleman who’s a member of the Charismatic Prayer Group at our church, is also doing the Theophostic Prayer Ministry Facilitator Training, and who Kevin and I regularly see at daily Mass at the church near us, has given me two little booklets that have had a big impact on me.  They are reflections and prayers based on the daily Scripture Readings for Mass that are quite poignant and thought-provoking.  Today, I immediately opened the book and read precisely what God knew I needed to hear this morning.  Funny thing is, I had such a strong sense that was the one I had to read, I didn’t realize until I’d finished it’s the reflection for Saturday, not Friday.  Rich, thanks for ministering to me by blessing me with the last two issues of One Bread, One Body published by Presentation Ministries.  For more information or to order your own copies to read and share, click here.
Need reading recommendations?  I have done lots and lots of book reviews!  Check them out here.  Some of my favorite requests for best books have come from people who I’ve never met who have come across my blog.  It’s always fun to share my passion for books with others, but I get the most fulfillment when people contact me who have fallen away from the Catholic Church or who would like to educate others about the Truth and richness of our faith tradition.  I read the stories they share about their own spiritual journeys, pray for them, then point them where the Holy Spirit leads.  Thanks for writing and sharing your journeys with me! 
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