Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here’s Your Hint

     As my husband can attest, I’m not someone who goes gaga over cars, motorcycles, trains, planes, and other vehicles like he does.  My main interest is in that they work properly when I want to use them and are fixed properly when they don’t, preferably without completely draining our bank account.  My willingness to indulge in Kevin’s careful car maintenance rituals the second year we came up and stayed for two weeks at the cottage on Lake Ontario was another not-so-subtle hint I was already interested in Kevin thirteen some years go...      
     One afternoon Kevin said he needed to wash his car.  I wasn’t quite sure why, but I volunteered to help.  Mary and Theresa also pitched in.  First, we sat down in front of his ’95 black two door Monte Carlo and attempted to scrub the entire bug community of Lake Ontario off of the car.  Later, he and his friend figured the only way to get the embedded bugs off was to
remove the paint. 
     Once this was determined, we gave up on scrubbing the bugs and helped wash the rest of the car.  Theresa got a hold of the hose and got me absolutely soaked, the six-year-old imp.  I was in my bathing suit, board shorts, and a tank top, but I didn’t think I would get as drenched as I did.  Mary and Theresa stopped after the first time we washed the car.  Kevin said he was going to go over it again, so I stayed to help.  When we finished, we sat in the side yard and talked. 
     I’m sure it was not lost on my mom or other family members that I pitched in on a chore that I rarely, if ever, did at home. 
     Here’s your hint, parents, if your daughter suddenly feels inspired to wash and wax a car she doesn’t own, and does so for free while on vacation, chances are pretty good she is interested in one of the other people with soap suds running down his arm.
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