Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 12)


Mark Your Calendars!  One of my absolute favorite Catholic singers/songwriters Danielle Rose is coming to St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church to do a concert on Saturday Sept. 17, 2011 at 7:30pm.  Admission is free.  A goodwill offering will be collected for the orphanage Danielle sponsors in China.     
     Danielle Rose has clearly been open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit working in and through her in many ways.  One of her greatest gifts has been that of her complete devotion to carrying out God’s will for her life.  She has produced beautiful music, songs to inspire the hearts and minds of us all, so that we know that we are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Lord.  She rejoices in the Lord’s abundant blessings of compassion, joy, peace, forgiveness, mercy, love, guidance, wisdom, and Truth. 
     Few modern singers/songwriters have expressed the Truth of the Gospel and the beauty of Catholic beliefs in a manner so inviting as this amazing performer has.  Her lyrics are thoughtful, divinely inspired reflections on Christ’s life, love, and legacy.  She masters varying styles of music and tailor fits each one perfectly to the tone and spiritual subjects of each one of her songs… click here to read full post.

Watch out for me!  For a number of years, I’ve told my husband that he needs to “Watch out for me!”  I’ll remind him of this part of his vocation after I have forgotten something at home that I need for the day, if I bump into furniture, or drop some item when my hands are too full to pick it up…This week I ended up leaving some things home I needed for the day which I didn’t realize until my husband texted me asking if I’d brought them.  I hadn’t, so he brought the items on his way to the office, so I wouldn’t be late to work.  Prince charming indeed! 

Make a list and check it twice.  A very dear friend/surrogate sibling invited us over for dinner this week.  When asked what we could bring, he joked about wanting us to come with a live chicken, but later conceded that stuff to make salad would be just fine. 
     The evening we went to the grocery store I reminded Kevin of this exchange, thinking I need to pick up a bag of salad greens.  I told him I’d also asked our friend if we should bring salad dressing, and the response was no.  (I got the Ranch dressing mainly for laughs.  A while back when we were at this friend’s place, we found an opened bottle of dressing hidden in the seat cushions of the couch.  No one’s sure how it got there, but I took note when it was opened, smelled, and then put back in the fridge.) 
     Don’t I get all the way to the check-out line with a bottle of Ranch dressing and no salad greens? Yup!  Fortunately my husband was again looking out for me, and asked before we’d finished checking out where the salad stuff was?  Further proof, I still need him to look out for me (and vice versa).
Explicating Nursery Rhymes.  My husband and I were laughing hysterically at Matthew Archbold’s article, “The Horrible Meaning Behind Nursery Rhymes.” My husband learned nursery rhymes to some extent, but I learned practically all of them while growing up and subsequently working with young children.
     A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law Wendy was saying to me that she wasn’t teaching nursery rhymes to her grandkids and didn’t teach them to her own children because of how violent and awful they are. I’m definitely sending her this article. Her fears confirmed with a laugh. Priceless!
We’B’Scrapbookers. I've always had a passion for paper, stationery, kids, teaching, arts, and crafts, so this week’s scrapbooking camp has been a recipe ripe for fun! 
     On Monday we began with an overview of scrapbooking and talked about the importance of selecting good photographs (which had already been done for us). 
     Before they began cropping their own photos, we practiced different cropping techniques using some summer camp photos I’d printed out along with the stencils and other neat materials available to us this week.
     The kids had the opportunity to look at some scrapbooking pages in magazines and books to get an idea of what appealed to them, what looks best on what paper, etc.  We encouraged creativity and inspiration, while offering suggestions for design, lay-out, cropping techniques, and page decorations. 
Satellites are linking up in outer space, but someone can’t figure out our church database.  This week my husband received a letter from the parish asking him if he’d be interested in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).  I find it hilarious and quite ironic that at a time in Kevin’s life when he is more involved, devoted, and interested in the Catholic faith, more active in ministry, attending daily Mass, they are asking him if he wants to become fully initiated in the church.  He was Confirmed in eighth grade, so he finished the Sacraments of Initiation quite some time ago.  What amused me even more is that Kevin has served as one of the leaders for Christ Renews His Parish retreat, and what’s more, has served for many months at our church as an Extra-Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist.  In order to be a Eucharistic Minister, you must be a full-fledged member of the church, attend Mass each week, and be a Catholic in good standing.  Kevin’s comment to that was that he’s wearing a boot right now, but he’s still able to stand okay.   
So long, farewell!  I can’t believe that today’s the last day of summer camp.  This summer, I taught two Nature Camps, two French Camps, one Paper Camp, one Scrapbook Camp, and monitored a few weeks of nap/rest Extended Care shifts thrown in for good measure.  Kevin and I got to spend over three weeks in Rochester, New York visiting friends and family in the place where we first met and fell in love.     
     Check out Jennifer Fulwiler’s 7 Quick Takes Friday series and her high-traffic for good reason blog Conversion Diary.
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