Wednesday, August 17, 2011


ONE OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS/ SONGWRITERS IS COMING TO DO A CONCERT THIS SEPTEMBER!!  Danielle Rose is coming to St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church to do two concerts: one on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, at 7:30 pm and the other Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, at 7:30 pm.  Once you listen to her music you will undoubtedly agree that Danielle Rose has been open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit working in and through her in many ways.  
One of her greatest gifts has been that of her complete devotion to carrying out God’s will for her life.  She has produced beautiful music, songs to inspire the hearts and minds of us all so that we know that we are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Lord.  She rejoices in the Lord’s abundant blessings of compassion, joy, peace, forgiveness, mercy, love, guidance, wisdom, and Truth. 
Few modern singers/songwriters have expressed the Truth of the Gospel and the beauty of Catholic beliefs in a manner so inviting as this amazing performer has.  Her lyrics are thoughtful, divinely inspired reflections on Christ’s life, love, and legacy.  She masters varying styles of music and tailor fits each one perfectly to the tone and spiritual subjects of each one of her songs.
For many years, I have found that Christian music has been one of the essential elements in carrying me through the tough times and celebrating the joyful ones.  I’ve found that some of what is experienced in Christ’s suffering, Passion, Resurrection, and Glory is best expressed through soulful music with carefully written lyrics that are a jubilee of Scripture and powerful illustrations of human emotions.
Danielle Rose is certainly glorifying the Lord and has submitted to serving Him through music.  I’ve been able to identify with these songs on a deep level.  I have found that I have often come to contemplate the words during and as part of my quiet prayer time, and as a way of offering encouragement, hope, and compassion to others.
In a culture concentrated on pleasure, sin, pride, self-centeredness, and death, Danielle Rose is a model of how self-sacrifice, pleasing the Lord, humility, and unwavering devotion to God’s Will are the keys to present peace and Eternal happiness.
Read Danielle's Bio, listen to some of her music. You won't want to miss this; trust me!
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