Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 18)

How Bad Do You Want It?
     In Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be, author Terry Evevard poses some powerful questions: “How bad do you want to be holy?  How bad do you want to be all that God has created you to be?  How bad do you want to get out of the prisons you live in?”  The Lord seems to keep asking us these same questions throughout our lives.  It seems many people get to the point when God says: You love me and say you want to do My Will above your own.  How bad do you want it? 
     Are you willing to give up anything and anyone in your life if that’s what God asks of you?  It’s hard to say in the moment what we’ll put on the line, but we can rest assured, we’ll always be given the grace necessary to do the Lord’s Will, no matter how difficult.   
It’s Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot   
     Jennifer Fulwiler, the originator and host of 7 Quick Takes Friday, is celebrating her third anniversary of doing quick takes on her blog today.  Congratulations!! Last week she included this hilarious rap about Whole Foods as one of her 7 QTs.  Kevin and I have listened to it a number of times this week and have shared it with family and friends who also have found it very funny.
     You might also want to watch/listen to another clever rap by some Suburban Dads that also gave us a good laugh. 
     This reminded me a bit of the parodies I’d write of different songs that my youngest sister Theresa danced to for performances and recitals over the years.  I’d give her a card and some parody of the song she was doing or a story called a short short with quotes from the name of the production and/or some of the song lyrics as part of encouraging her in her pursuit.   Have I mentioned recently that it still blows my mind that my youngest sister is now in her sophomore year of college? 
Home Parish Heroes
     After reading Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s post about teaching religious education for a quarter of a century, I made the following comment: “Twenty-five years of teaching religious education is truly an inspiration!  I still remember my husband's response not long after we were married when I told him I felt the Lord was calling me to become a catechist for eighth grade religious ed.  Kevin's immediate response was delivered with a furrowed brow: "Could you ask Him again?" I laughed, but in the end I did end up teaching as an eighth grade catechist and Kevin assisted me. 
     Working with kids is always an adventure.  What a blessing that you have inspired so many children over the years to love the Lord!  How fortunate they are to have a Christ-centered, clearly Catholic woman to teach them about the faith!”
The Sun Also Rises

     The following reflection by Ann Niermeyer, leader of 40 Days for Life campaign in Richmond,  Virginia, (and who’s also my mom) is a great one to illustrate how God smiles upon those who carry out His Will that we protect the sanctity and dignity of human life. 

     “I know that the dark must end....and that the Son will rise.As I left my home this morning, it was pitch dark...and raining. As I drove by the little church in my neighborhood, the lights illuminating the cross on the side of their building...went out.

     I parked at the curb beside Planned Parenthood, waiting a few minutes before stepping out in the rain, and I finished listening to the song "Endless Night" and just changed the word "sun" to "Son" as I sang along.
     As we prayed the day's reflection, two of our most faithful participants joined in.  And as the first minutes of our Richmond vigil began...the rain stopped.  Within ten minutes, we were watching the clouds clear and then...the sunrise. "I know that the night must end, and that the Son will rise." Amen.
Bless all of you who have taken hours this first day...and all the days to follow.”

Houston, we have a problem.
     Day 3 message from my mother
Dear Friends:
     This morning someone (not with 40 Days for Life) came to Planned Parenthood with several large, graphic abortion signs. 40 Days for Life is committed to be only and always peaceful, and prayerful in our presence there.
     Since it is a very small area and there was no way to "distance" myself from these signs, I decided to leave and  pray my hour beside the tabernacle at the chapel at work. As I drove to work, something happened that was another amazing blessing the
     Lord gifted me (had to do with a song I was listening to as I drove and a very sudden sighting of the sunrise through a break in the trees).
     Please remember our 40 Days for Life commitment to avoid any association with protesters who are showing graphic signs, or yelling at the fathers, mothers, or clinic workers. This is not who we are or what we do. Thank you for your kindness and your peaceful presence to all
who come to Planned Parenthood.
Kids, Crowbars, and Shot Glasses
     Some of you who know me and are familiar with my nanny diary and the entertaining adventures I’ve had taking care of children may recall that I once asked one of the parents whose child was in my care for a crowbar.  Well, this past week I found myself laughing as I asked the mother of the adorable little one I would be taking care of that day if she had a shot glass.  I’ll fill you in on the details of both above stories in a post later this week which will likely also have the above title.  Check back later for a few laughs… 

Prayers Please!
     A very dear older couple we know have had some very significant challenges lately and could definitely use some extra prayer coverage.  Kay Marie and Joe are the amazing, compassionate people who have headed up the post-abortion healing retreats offered by Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries in our area.  They have such a deep, gentle love for each other and for anyone who God sends into their lives. 
     Kay Marie is one of the few people who has such a loving, gentle, compassionate presence that when you’re talking with her, she makes you feel as if you’re the only one in the room and clearly expresses God’s love in her words and deeds.  I hope to be as loving, gentle, and like the Blessed Mother as she is some day.   
     Joe has been very sick in the hospital and his adoring wife has become worn down in the months as one complication after another has come up, prolonging many facets of his recovery (including his ability to eat).
    Please pray that the Lord who is Wonderful Counselor and Perfect Physician will guide them through this difficult time with peace which passes all understanding, a myriad of blessings, and a slew of circumstances that will thereby drawing them even closer to Him.  Amen.      

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