Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Gear, Lunch and a Show

      I have a confession to make.  Although I have taken care of and worked with hundreds of children over the past 19 years of my life, I can still be regularly stumped by the intricate mechanics of mainstream baby gear. 
     When watching Vivi a couple weeks ago, she got lunch and a show.  She sat there eating while I wrestled with her stroller, trying to get it open.  I pulled, pushed, locked/unlocked, pulled up on the red handle, pushed down on the gray bar, and still could not for the life of me figure out how to open the flipping thing and this was Round II of personal challenges with said stroller.  I’m grateful my attempts at operating various baby gear have not ended on Youtube.
    Truth be told, when Vivi’s mom came home she said she’d had quite a time learning to unfold and refold that particular stroller.  That made me feel a bit better. 
    Back in the day when I had a double stroller for the boys that I could whip in and out of my trunk then open and close with ease, I was thwarted in becoming a supernanny when faced with the task of holding a crying, way-overtired child while trying to set up a Pack’n Play.  I ended up having to call for back-up; boy, was that ever a humbling day!
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