Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 15)

Computer Conspiracy Theory: This week our computer crashed.  Of course, it waited to conk out on us completely until Kevin and I had finally disassembled and taken our desk top computers apart and loaded them in the car to take over to be recycled, disposed of, whatever by the shop where my brother-in-law works.  Perhaps our computers had developed a bond we hadn’t realized. 
As if this weren’t disturbing enough, both my mom’s and my sister’s laptops also ended up in the computer shop this week.  If my brother-in-law were malicious, I’d wonder if he’d created some sort of conspiracy so he could take control of all of our computers at once.  Since he’s intelligent, tech-savvy, and knowledgeable about electronics, but not the vicious-take-over-the-world (or even the cyber-universe of one family) type, I don’t believe he caused our computer woes.     
Co-habitation, Consternation, and a Minister’s Commitment Never to Marry: Okay, so this is not the first time or the last that I have thought and prayed about the significance of marriage as a sacrament, covenant, and life-long commitment.  I’ve read a number of statistics about how co-habitation before marriage makes you even more likely to end up getting divorced.  I didn’t, however, expect to get into such an intense debate about the validity and sanctity of marriage while paying our bill after having brunch at a place we’ve frequented since before my youngest sister was born. 

The gentleman behind the counter told me he was totally against marriage.  He said he loves the woman in his life and told her that he will do so forever.  He also loves the children they’ve had together, but for reasons which are still unclear to me, he’s vehemently against marrying the woman he’s been with for years who is the mother of his children.  He claims not to want the government involved in their relationship, then later said that the only way he could get rid of her if he didn’t want to be with her anymore would be by killing her since divorce isn’t acceptable.  Well, there’s a logic I couldn’t follow.  Then they guy tells me he’s a minister who will be officiating the wedding ceremonies of two different couples in the fall.  What?!  Why are you a minister in the first place and how do you not see the inherent irony and blatant hypocrisy in performing a ceremony that you are dead-set against? 

Additional prayers for this man, his family, and those who share his views would be much-appreciated.    
It’s a boy!  This Tuesday we found out that a friend of ours who is due October 29 will be having a baby boy.  This unplanned pregnancy has brought with it a lot of challenges for her, but this single mother, full-time student here from another country without any family members in the United States, is trusting God to care for her and for her son in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

The other day, I reconnected with a dear friend of ours who is a very powerful prayer warrior.  This woman of God moved here from Kenya a number of years ago, not really knowing much about American culture and life when she arrived.  I knew she would be eager to pray with and for our friend, who could use some extra emotional, spiritual, and financial support so she can do what’s best for herself and the baby growing in her womb.    
The Flood Zone: I found out last night that my uncle Dave and his family have suffered yet another major loss in the past 12 months.  The first was the passing of my aunt Florence last October.  Now, they are faced with losing their furniture factory, storehouse, and offices due to the recent flooding in Binghamton, New York.  Everything has been ruined by the six feet of water that pounded the upstate town this past week.  The water came so quickly, they didn’t have time to save anything.  We are extremely grateful that the family is safe.    
Missing my not-so-little guys: As Kevin and I celebrated our seventh anniversary, I thought of the next anniversary coming up for me, that of when I began nannying for “my two little guys.”  Both boys were present for our wedding, and a mere nine days after Kevin and I tied knot, I began taking care of two precious little ones.  With September rolling around and school starting up, they’ve been on my mind a lot lately.  I still have a hard time believing that one of them is entering second grade and the other one is going into first.  You both hold a very special place in my heart, though I haven’t been as good as I’d like to be about keeping in touch.  I love you, think of you, and pray for you often, Hank and Jack!
First Week of School Torture: Over the summer they installed a brand new playground in the main schoolyard, so of course the first three days of school it was raining torrentially.  There are few things that would cause more torture to school age children than to begin their first week after a nice long summer break and be stuck inside due to inclement weather when new play equipment waits just outside the window.    
Awesome Interview/Let the Countdown Begin: This past Wednesday, Kevin and I watched EWTN’s Faith and Culture and saw Danielle Rose interviewed.  I’d read about some of her journey, discernment, faith, and her role as a music missionary.  I’m getting really excited that she’s coming to our very own parish to do two concerts next weekend.  

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