Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthdays: A Life Chain Reaction

Last February my mom felt she was being called, yet again, to lead a 40 Days for Life campaign in Richmond, VA. John, who my husband Kevin and I refer to as our dear brother in Christ/best friend, decided he was going to promote the local campaign that was part of the international prayer vigil by talking with two of the groups that meet on Friday evenings. I offered to go with him to spread the word about our local efforts to end abortion through prayer and fasting.
A young man named James was attending the Charismatic Prayer Group meeting the night John and I spoke to the group at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church. James expressed an interest in taking part in 40 Days for Life, and he shared a story about how God had already used him to save two lives that had been in jeopardy.
Not too long after that, I saw James at St. Benedict’s daily Mass, and he asked if he could give my contact info to a friend of a friend who was facing an unplanned pregnancy in another city. Of course, I said yes, and thus began a new friendship and a sequence of Holy Spirit-inspired incidents only the Lord could have foreseen.
In the spring, John’s mom Cathy and I went out to meet the young woman, listen to her story, and provide her with the numbers of local pregnancy resources available in her area. We prayed with her and assured her that she would have our ongoing prayer coverage and whatever of other types of support she needed on the journey.

Fastforward to the Fall--->

On Saturday October 15, 2011 (during the Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign), Kevin, my mom, and I threw a baby shower for the young mother. It was wonderful to meet many of her friends and introduce her to many of our friends and family who have been praying for her and pitching in various ways since last spring.
The Holy Spirit showed up in some very powerful ways that day as we talked, ate, laughed, chased two little ones around the house, prayed, cried, sang, drank hot tea, then talked and prayed some more.
Lord, thank You for the gift of new life and for a number of people who have come together to support a young woman with no family in this country, so she would know the depth of Your love for her and for her son.
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