Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 25)

— 1 —
40 Days for Life Breakthrough: God does work MIRACLES! Listen to Sue tell her hope-filled story, and listen as she pulls back the curtain to reveal Planned Parenthood's dirty little secret. We just posted the recording of her testimony online 
— 2 —
A few of my least favorite things.  This week I was reminded of what a bummer it is to take care of a little one who’s feeling sick.  Poor snuggle bug got her first virus this week.  I was reminded to bring an extra set of clothes with me—since nannying is like a water balloon fight—you never know where or when you’re going to get hit.  Wiping down furniture, carpet, toddler, and my clothes brought back memories from similar episodes in babysitting/nanny adventures dating all the way back to eighth grade.  This experience again increased my already undying gratitude for my mom.  
— 3 —
Mama said there’d be days like this.  When I was little, I was in the habit of getting an ear infection and congestion that would lead to vomiting just about every time I cut a tooth.  Throwing up is hands-down one of my least favorite things to do.  I often end up pulling muscles and feeling just as bad if not worse right afterwards.  I’ve been offering this bout of nauseated puking misery up for those who feel nauseated most of the time due to a chronic illness, invasive treatments, and/or acute morning sickness.  Lord, give them hope in the midst of their suffering.
— 4 —
Afternoons with Grandma.  My mom’s mother, who’s 88, is the only grandparent of mine still living on earth as well as in my heart.  Actually that’s been the case since I was eleven years old.  She’s been the faithful, caring presence for our family during countless crises over my lifetime.  Her persistent hope, consistent faith, fervent prayer, strong will to live, and determination in the midst of tremendous suffering as well as her willingness to come to fly to wherever we lived at the time when my mom called for backup has taught me so much about what it means to be a Catholic woman, wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, friend…  Lord, thank You for the witness of my grandmother’s faith and devotion to caring for family.  
— 5 —
Human Concerns: Is anyone scared? As reflection for the Human Concerns Core Team meeting, a woman read the homily Fr. Michael Renninger had given at our parish the weekend of August 7th.  I was very excited to hear the sermon, as those he’s given over the years have been some of my absolute favorites!  My mom had told me about the sermon since we’d had a different priest at the Mass we’d gone to that weekend.  Be not afraid to click here to read the whole sermon. 
— 6 —
When in Rome… do as Catholics have for centuries: eat, pray, love, participate in the sacraments, embrace the rich history, be part of a papal audience, enjoy time with your friends...  The best indication of a great pilgrimage to Italy, a one line e-mail is the only correspondence we received: Dear Trisha and Mary and Theresa, I am having a great time and doing time for internet chats though.
— 7 —
Rolling in the Deep  Sometimes when I find a song I really like I’ll play it over and over again for several days in a row.  Lately this has been my first Youtube music pick.  I like Adele’s rich voice, the catchy melody, and the samurai-looking dance that’s part of her video.  The dance piece makes me think of some of the contemporary and modern pieces I’ve seen at Hollins and a few of the pieces performed by my sister Theresa over the years.   
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