Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Texts from Your Mom

     What would you think and do if someone whose number you didn’t recognize texted
“How are you doing?” 
     A friend of ours responded (as many would) with: “Who is this?”
     “Your mom,” was the reply. 
     Figuring this must be a joke from one of his friends, he played along.
     When he was out on a Saturday night, he received a text from the same number: “how is your foot doing?”
     “It’s turned a weird shade of green,” he texted.
     “Remember to get more bandages.”
    “I forgot to pick them up at Walmart.”  Later on, he texted something about not forgetting to bring the Minute Maid. 
    Sure, it seemed sort of strange that someone was texting him over a period of several days asking about his foot (when he hasn’t injured it), telling him someone named Ingrid would bring things for him (when he knows no one named Ingrid), and talking about meeting up when the person had never given any identity clues, but again, our friend assumed it was one of his friends just playing a joke on him, so he kept playing along.
     Last night, he got a voicemail from
the person who’d been texting him.  Turns out the person who’d been sending him messages for several days really is a mom who’d thought she was texting her son.  From the message, our friend could tell the woman was confused as to what was going on judging by the strange responses she’d gotten to her sincere questions and suggestions about her son’s injured foot.
     Oops!  Our friend was genuinely surprised to receive this voicemail and wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.  Clearly the woman had made a mistake.  Our friend texted back “This is not who you think it is.”
     Several possible solutions came as to how to handle the awkward situation.  “Text: ‘I’m leaving the family and moving to Cali’ or ‘I’m going back to Afghanistan in the morning,’” were two of the many "helpful" suggestions offered in in jest.       
     Our friend’s brother was reading over the text message exchange while we had this brainstorming session, and he went ahead and called the woman.  Laughing, he told her that there’d been a mix-up, and that she’d had the wrong number.  She apologized and said something about him not sounding like Jacob.
     WARNING: If you nonchalantly text answers you’d send to a practical joking friend without knowing who’s actually receiving them, you risk scandalizing some poor confused mother liable to end up in the loony bin thinking her son has lost every last ounce of his home training.
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