Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 33)


Dumb Blonde Jokes Illegal in Austria.  You’re just going to have to read this post by Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report as well as the comments beneath it, because, well, just do it.  My comment on thispriceless post was: “Matt, thank you for alerting us to this bleached breach of peace and political correctness in our society.  It never occurred to me how extremely dangerous our country and world has become particularly because dumb blonde jokes are allowed to fly rampantly.  This sheds new highlights on everything and will certainly help us get to the root of the problem before the rest of us become tragic victims of the blonde bombshell.  Somebody should alert Homeland Security immediately as to the true security risk out there.  TGIF indeed!”     

The Epiphany and Total Consecration Connection:  I was very excited I’d remembered to bring the remaining Total Consecration packets that had been on a bookshelf at our apartment.  I invited everyone present at the CursilloEpiphany party last Friday evening to take one with them. 
     After experiencing a deeper conversion when I first made myConsecration to Jesus through Mary while in high school, you’d think I would have made it a higher priority to get these powerful prayers in people’s hands sooner than later, but I didn’t. 
      Thank you, RayMooney, and all who have been working so hard to spread the word about this most beautiful and powerful devotion.  For more information or to place an order for your own FREETotal Consecration packets, visit the MyConsecration website.            

Death Row Conversions Thistrue story of conversion is absolutely amazing.  I say amazing rather than unbelievable, because the Blessed Mother has had a pivotal part in my husband’s conversion as well.  Of course, Kevin’s never been on death row, but he definitely used to be at cross purposes with anything Catholic.           

My Patron Saint for 2012.  I figured I’d go ahead and use Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator to find out who my patron saint is for this year.  I’m not all that surprised by the result: St. Joan of Arc.  I find it interesting that the patron saint of France would be the one I picked for this year, considering the next section of the spiritual memoir for me to write is about my time in France and what came from that period of my life in terms of prayers, healing, and Truth.  To find your patron saint for 2012, click here. 


Sisters, Sisters…Sunday afternoon, the women I served on team with for Christ Renews His Parish, and I made the trek over the golf course and through the woods to Nora’s for a deliciously wonderful Epiphany party.  Laughter, hugs, time to catch up, delectable food, and great people made for two spectacular get-togethers this past weekend.  Kevin came with me for the first one, but he opted out of the second one.      


The Virtue of Hope The only things I asked for this Christmas were for three books by the inspirational Christian author, Kim Meeder.  I’ve finished reading all three books of hers that I’d requested and received from Kevin, and I’m still examining the hints of hope in my own life and faith journey.  I have a strong feeling it will play an important part in the theme of the spiritual memoir I’m working on about how God brought Kevin and me together and has continued to draw us closer to Him.         


Elect Officials with Hope Kevin and I aren’t usually really inspired by politicians, for the obvious reasons, but over the holidays we met with someone who has given us a reason to believe there is hope for some on the political scene.  While he was home to visit family, we met with a friend from J. R. Tucker High School who is running for Mayor of Orlando, Florida.  I hadn’t known Mike Cantone all that well in high school, though we did work on the Gavel newspaper staff together.  We’d been in touch a bit more frequently over Facebook ever since he asked me to pray for his mom.  
     I don’t think Kevin and I had ever heard someone speak so passionately and genuinely about helping the poor (outside of a church or ministry setting) as we did the evening we met with Mike Cantone.  I had no idea how bad the poverty is in Orlando, and I certainly had no clue that the current mayor has made it illegal to feed the hungry in public parks before we spoke with him.  More than anything else, Kevin and I have found hope that Mike Cantone has seen fit to enter this race clear that the social injustices in Orlando need to be fixed and that, grounded in a strong Catholic faith and a solid track record of subsequent outreach efforts, he is obligated to try to turn things around. 

      Lord, help us each to listen to Your still, small voice as we discern how it is You would like us to serve those in our lives.  Amen.

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